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Namco Networks Offers Sneak Peek of Four Upcoming Mobile Game Titles at DigitalLife

SAN JOSE, Calif. (Sept. 27, 2007) - (From DigitalLife, New York, Sept. 27-30, 2007) - Namco Networks, a leading developer and publisher of mobile games and entertainment, today announced four game previews to demo at DigitalLife, the ultimate consumer technology, gaming and entertainment show, held in New York, Sept. 27-30. Along with many of Namco's already released mobile games, including such hits as PAC-MAN and Scene It? Movie Edition, attendees can play demos of Popeye, Atlantis Sky Patrol, Mr. Do! and Mr. Do!'s Castle.

All four games enhance Namco Network's portfolio that includes arcade classics, original titles tied to top-tier brands, and the highest quality original titles for mobile. At the show, attendees and media can demo these games prior to their general availability later this year.

"As one of the largest entertainment shows targeting consumers, DigitalLife is a great place to showcase our upcoming games and get consumers interested before they are officially launched to the public," said Scott Rubin, vice president, sales and marketing, Namco Networks. "In line with our current game portfolio and strategy, these four titles provide instant entertainment, new features and overall entertainment on the go."

Atlantis Sky Patrol

Inspired by the online PC hit game, Atlantis Sky Patrol is an addictive, action-driven puzzler with more than 100 levels. In the game, players must knock out and destroy doomsday devices by shooting and matching chains of colored marbles moving through a track before the chain reaches a detonation core. The endless stream of marbles won't cease until players dismantle the machine's stationary control mechanism, cleverly-placed static marbles that continually regenerate the moving chains that fill the track. The game will be available on select national carriers in Winter 2007.


Capturing the spirit of the classic '80s arcade hit, Popeye lets players relive his perennial quest to win back his sweetie, Olive Oyl, while overcoming the antics of his rival, Bluto. Players help Popeye win her back by collecting Olive's love tokens in this mobile-optimized update to the popular arcade classic. Collect the hearts, musical notes and cries of "H-E-L-P" that a captured Olive tosses down to collect bonus points, while avoiding the Sea Hag's thrown bottles, Bluto's punches and other dangers. True to the comic and cartoon series, Popeye is "strong to the finich" if he eats his spinach, temporarily gaining the strength to go after Bluto and knock him off the screen. Players can redeem earned points to view Popeye comic's right on their mobile phone. Play Popeye by Namco in arcade or enhanced mode (filled with action-packed new levels and character cameos). Popeye will be available on select national carriers in Fall 2007.

Mr. Do!

Debuting on mobile phones in Winter 2007, Namco's update to the arcade classic challenges players to help Mr. Do! collect cherries for his pie-tossing clown act. Players must clear the field of cherries while avoiding wild animals that have escaped from the traveling circus caravans such as Red Rovers, Munchie Monsters or Alpha Monsters. To eliminate pesky animals, players can throw Mr. Do!'s rubber nose at them or drop apples on them. The mobile game comes with both the arcade classic mode and an enhanced mode which includes fresh graphics and new power-ups.

Mr. Do!'s Castle

Relive classic arcade action in Mr. Do!'s Castle, the popular sequel to Mr. Do!, also debuting on mobile this Winter. Mr. Do!'s magic clown act is in an enchanted castle overrun with Unicorns. Players must clear the Unicorns out before the show. To clear a level, players can also knock out cherry bricks while pushing back the Unicorns with a mallet. Players can also wave a magic wand to turn Unicorns into gargoyles, kick ladders to detour pursuers or use a magician's hat to teleport for a quick escape. The game offers an arcade original and an enhanced mode for fresh graphics and new power-ups.

About Namco Networks

Since 2002, Namco Networks America Inc., a subsidiary of Namco Bandai Holdings (USA) Inc. and a worldwide leader in the high-tech entertainment industry, has used cutting-edge technology to provide fun, quality entertainment to mobile consumers throughout the Americas. For more information about Namco mobile games, please visit: www.namcogames.com.

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