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Namco Bandai's Facebook line-up

City of Football and Treasure Abyss to launch betas this month.


NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. today announced that it will begin supplying full-scale game contents to Facebook, the social networking service (SNS) with 500 million active users worldwide.

As the initial releases, the two titles “City of Football”* and “Treasure Abyss”* have been originally developed for facebook. Their beta versions will be available on facebook late in August. While these game apps will be essentially free to play, they will also offer a pay system for buying items as a style of generating profits in the SNS market. In the future, these titles are also planned for release on the iPhone & iPod touch. In such a way, NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc. intends to develop contents that are compatible for use on the world’s top-ranked SNS site and iPhone & iPod touch systems, which are very popular for accessing and using SNS contents. (*Initially, only the English language versions will be released.)

A portal fan page also will be opened on Facebook to introduce NAMCO BANDAI Game’s products. This and other new promotion techniques made possible by the interactive nature of SNS sites will be used to bolster worldwide distribution of contents and make headway in the SNS market.

¦ “City of Football”

“City of Football” is a fantasy game about football team management that uses constantly updated actual official game data of “English Premier League”, “Italian Serie A”, “Liga Espanola”, and “UEFA Champions League”. Game players assume the part of team owners in an imaginary world where teams and athletes can be acquired and released on a stock market-like system. Game players must administer their teams and players to enhance the value of their teams.

¦ “Treasure Abyss”

“Treasure Abyss” is a social role-playing game for exploring dungeons in a group with the avatar data of your friends.

New character jobs, dungeons, weapons, and other additional contents will be regularly released. because we can update it constantly after launch, This title has been developed for players to play easily in a long time

¦ Portal Fan Page

The portal page will put the latest news together from each fan pages maintained by NAMCO BANDAI group companies in Japan and overseas. It will feature the latest news on consumer games, mobile contents, information about game apps available on Facebook, and so forth.

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