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Mythic Releases New Epic Armor Quests For Dark Age Of Camelot(R)

FAIRFAX, VA - September 13, 2005 - Mythic Entertainment, developer and publisher of massively-multiplayer online games, today released patch 1.79 for Dark Age of Camelot® and introduced all-new Epic Quests that reward players with redesigned Epic Armor.

Players will be able to obtain these new Epic Quests at regular intervals, beginning at level five, as they are called upon to regain long lost treasures and defend their Realms from dire threat. Initially these are individual, class-specific quests but they become more cooperative in nature at higher levels with all players within a Realm sharing a common final quest.

The patch introduces new dungeons created specifically for these Epic Quests and makes extensive use of Mythic's instancing technology to allow players to complete higher level quests without having to wait for monster spawns. The quests encourage players to work together to accomplish their common goals and offers them an opportunity to learn more about the history and lore of their Realm.

For full patch details, please visit the Camelot Herald at http://www.camelotherald.com/patches.php?mode=live.


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