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Mystic Meg's Palm Reader

We didn't see this one coming.


The interactive game is split into five sections –

Palm Reader – gives a personal palm reading, based on the analysis of the user’s palm lines, mounts, hand shapes, finger types and thumbs.

Tell a Friend – this feature helps the user practise palm reading and encourages them to share the new knowledge with friends. By analysing each palm reading area, the user will begin to understand the complex and mystical subject.

Coffee Reader – an interactive feature in which fortune telling is done by interpreting the signs and symbols found in the virtual coffee cup.

Bocca della Verita – a daily fortune-telling tool giving the user short predictions about luck, love and money.

Puzzle – the brain busting feature contains four images that the user has to reassemble on three levels of difficulty.

Mystic Meg is a renowned astrologer and one of the most well-known fortune tellers in the UK. Her appearances on BBC Lottery Live Show, best-selling book titles and a regular horoscope column for The Sun and News Of The World ensure she is household name.

Mystic Meg says, “The secrets of your personality, love life and destiny are in the palm of your hand.”

“Our aim is to deliver a unique and interactive experience for the user whilst at the same time introducing a new skill or knowledge. Mystic Meg’s Palm Reader begins to explore the fascinating subject of fortune telling through a variety of different features,” says Christian Guillemot, CEO of AMA.

Mystic Meg’s Palm Reader is available in the UK since March 2008.



AMA was founded in 2004 by the Guillemot brothers and is a sister company to Ubisoft, Gameloft, Guillemot Corporation and Longtail Studios. AMA is a mobile entertainment publisher and developer of lifestyle games and applications.

The company is developing applications for Java, Brew and Symbian technologies with over 250 employees working in the central offices in London with studios extending across the globe in Bucharest, Shanghai and New York.

AMA strive to offer a unique and interactive gaming experience for the user covering a wide range of genres including Astrology, Brain Training, Fashion, Health & Fitness, Love & Relationship and Party & Entertainment.

With over one billion subscribers in more than 40 countries AMA delivers unique content to a mass world-wide audience.

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