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Mystery at Mansfield Manor

Interactive murder mystery movie where $7.99 Cdn buys you 4 days' play.

TORONTO, April 21 2008 -- SR Entertainment Inc. is ready to test your deductive skills with the launch of its new website www.MysteryAtMansfieldManor.com. Mystery at Mansfield Manor is an online, live-action interactive murder mystery movie. Hailed as a unique blend of Clue™ and a choose-your-own-adventure movie, the mystery gets underway with a click of a mouse button.

“On the eve of his forced early retirement Detective Frank Mitchell is sent to Mansfield Manor to solve the murder of wealthy oil industrialist Colin Mansfield Sr. After arriving at the manor, the viewer begins to take control over his actions,” says Rory Scherer, producer and screenwriter for Mystery At Mansfield Manor. “Essentially, the viewer takes on the role of the lead character, Detective Mitchell, and must solve the murder before the story’s midnight deadline.”

Once the viewer pays the nominal $7.99 Cdn (approximately $7 US) fee, they receive unlimited access to the website for 4 days including a Bonus Materials section with a behind-the-scenes documentary and photo gallery.

The game begins with Detective Mitchell interrogating the first suspect, Anna Mitrov, the victim’s maid. She reveals her version of the evening through flashbacks and the clues start to roll in. The player continues to interrogate other suspects and eventually arrests one. Some lie, others are truthful. It is up to the player to decipher who is lying and what clues led them to that conclusion. Multiple endings exist in the body of the two and a half hours of video time and gameplay gets even more involving as some interactive components allow the viewer to become further immersed in the investigation.


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