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MMO 3D horseplay from Mindscape France.

Basingstoke, England – October 9th 2008 – Koch Media is excited to partner with Mindscape France to announce the launch of Myhorseclub.com, the UK’s first massively multiplayer online 3D real-time horse game with collectable trading cards. Myhorseclub.com offers horse lovers the most realistic online horse simulation game. Visit the virtual horse world of Myhorseclub.com and experience the thrills of owning your own horses. Enter an exciting world where you can ride, compete, connect, share and chat with an online community of players from the UK, Australia and New Zealand. In addition to the exhilaration and real sense of adventure, Myhorseclub.com provides an educational element as you learn about the different breeds of horses, riding techniques, how to compete and how to nurture and care for your horses.


Horses are beautiful, graceful, elegant, majestic, powerful and mysterious creatures. For these reasons, humans have been drawn to horses throughout history. Young girls today are fascinated with horses – they can communicate with them and spend hours grooming, feeding, watching and playing with them. In return they develop strong bonds with their horses and learn about respect and commitment.

Research has clinically documented that horses can produce positive mental and emotional effects within the humans around them. This relationship usually begins when people touch, groom and pamper their horse. Grooming has a pleasurable calming effect on horses, cementing a trusting bond between horse and human. Scratching and petting play an important role in training horses, gaining their trust, and communicating praise.

Interaction between horses and humans has many benefits as it teaches:

Relationship building skills Verbal and non-verbal communication Confidence Trust Understanding Taking responsibility Creative thinking and problem-solving Leadership skills

The launch of Myhorseclub.com takes this fascination and love of horses to a whole new dimension – a 3D virtual world.


1. A safe and monitored real time community for horse lovers

Integrated Messenger allows you to chat to your friends in a safe online environment. Information exchanged and posted will be monitored in order to protect players from online risks including inappropriate language and bullying. Players will only be able to chat with each other once invited to do so by other players. Interact with the community of players in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, with new territories emerging soon. Share your thoughts and ideas about the game with the other players on the forum.

2. Collect, equip and personalize your horses, stable and paddock

Collect 30 breeds of horses and learn about their make-up, abilities and personality. Equip your horses with saddles, stirrups, bridles and harnesses. Show off your horse by applying new coats and dressing them up. Keep an eye on your horses and paddocks using Widget. You can even paste your Widget onto your blog and website.

3. Build a relationship with your horse

Clean, care and feed your horses so that they can be healthy and happy. Train and ride your horses regularly so they become the best! Get to know your horses, as the more you care for them the better they will look and perform. Knowing your horse and their personality will build your relationship with them and increase the level of fun at the same time.

4. Ride freely, meet up with your friends and compete in challenges

Take part in captivating challenges and earn virtual money (gallops) by completing each challenge. Explore amazing places in the real time 3D universe and discover lots of exciting places in Europe, Egypt, the USA, etc. Participate in equestrian events including show jumping, eventing, dressage, vaulting and jumping. New challenges will be added regularly – the more you complete the more experience you will gain. Along the way you will become familiar with your horses’ riding abilities and improve your riding skills.

5. Learn everything about horsemanship!

Each Collectable Card provides information about each item such as the origins of the horse, the type of coat, the benefits of food, the importance of maintenance, having the right equipment, etc. Myhorseclub.com is based on the real life of an equestrian. The gameplay teaches you how to care, maintain, train, equip, learn control and mastering techniques, compete and earn the horse’s co-operation and respect! Your friends will be impressed with all your knowledge!

6. Enter contests and compete against other players

As you progress through the ranks you will be rewarded by being able to compete against other players and access more worlds in the game. Arrange competitions amongst your friends. Earn virtual money each time you win a championship and exchange them for items in the online store.


1. Go online and play for FREE at www.Myhorseclub.com

2. Retail Starter Pack containing:

CD-ROM to download Myhorseclub.com onto a PC version Four booster card packs (6 collectible cards in each pack) Wallpapers and screensavers included Includes everything a player needs to be a Silver Status member

3. Booster Packs to collect and trade containing:

6 cards per pack Uniquely-coded random assortment of cards The more cards that are collected the more items you can unlock to move up the ranks and become an experienced horse person. The Retail & Booster Packs will be available at all leading retailers from Spring 2009.

Koch Media are also proud to announce that they are sponsoring the Junior Show Jumper of the Year Class at The Horse of The Year Show on Sunday 12th October 2008.

About Koch Media

Koch Media is a leading producer and distributor of digital entertainment products (software, games and movies on DVD). The company's own sales activities, marketing and distribution extend throughout Europe, and it has formed strategic alliances with numerous software and games manufacturers: Ascaron, Braingame, D3P, G-Data, Gamelife, Kaspersky Lab, Lexware, Namco Bandai, Pinnacle, Square Enix, Sony Online Entertainment, System3, etc. Headquartered in Planegg near Munich, Koch Media owns branches in Germany, England, France, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy. www.kochmedia.com

About Mindscape ( www.mindscape.fr)

Mindscape is a leading publisher of games for the entire family. As of 2007, the group has sold more than 5 millions products in various languages through its subsidiaries and partners in both Europe and Australia. The group hold its own IP such as Reader Rabbit, Adi, Carmen San Diego, Myhorseclub.com and produced games like Survivor, Deal or no Deal, Golden Balls, Noddy, Are you smarter?, and Mindscape’ brain trainer. The group is located in Boulogne-Billancourt (France) and is listed on Alternext, Paris since December 2007.

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