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My Exotic Farm

Six out-of-the-ordinary animals available to rear on DSiWare.

My Exotic Farm will be available for downloading in America on September 6 th (September 24 th in Europe), for 200 Nintendo DSi Points TM!

Pink zebras and green lions ? Take the challenge and surprise your friends by inventing the farm of your dreams!

But at the beginning, all you own is an empty field, a few goobas, the local money, and a single little parrot...

You need to feed your parrot and take care of him!

Then he will make feathers which can then be sold. And with this money, you can buy new animals at the Farmers’ Market and purchase equipment from the Shopkeeper.

Little by little as your farm builds up, you will unlock certain bonuses: funny colors, a well, a great green macaw, a guard dog, a 4x4, etc.

And you will be able to exchange your animals with your friends who play My Exotic Farm or My Farm!

Thanks to trade with other players, you can even get a purple sheep in your African ranch, or a pink zebra in your American farm…

6 kind of exotic animals to customize; Take care of your animals (food, clean, disease, etc.); Many farm improvement to buy and bonuses to collect; Exchange of animals with other players.

A trailer and exclusive information are available on www.myexoticfarm.com.

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