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Multiwinia: Survival of the Flattest

Now available for pre-order.

25th August 2008: We’re delighted to announce that the Introversion store is now taking pre-orders for Multiwinia: Survival of the Flattest. Be the first to play Multiwinia on launch day by pre-ordering your copy now and you’ll obtain your Authentication key in advance, delivered straight to your email address!

There will be a three-tiered pre-order menu; digital download, digital download plus boxed unit, or customers will be able to treat themselves and purchase our limited edition special pack presented in a beautiful custom-made Darwinian tin. These Darwinia logo-embossed tins will be exclusive to the Introversion Store and will contain DVDs of both Multiwinia and Darwinia, a fantastic coffee-table book featuring award-winning artwork from both games, the complete postcard set of Multiwinia cartoons and our very own Darwinian foam toys, loved by journalists and fans alike!

For more information on all the different pre-order options and prices please head to our store http://store.introversion.co.uk.

Multiwinia: Survival of the Flattest will be released on 19th September 2008. It will be available to buy from the Introversion store, Steam, and from all major retailers. A Mac version will also be available from Ambrosia Software – please contact jchamplin@ambrosiasw.com for more info.

For any queries, help or comments about Multiwinia please contact Vicky at vic@introversion.co.uk.

About Multiwinia

Multiwinia: Survival of the Flattest is Introversion’s fourth stand-alone title due to be released on the 19th September 2008. With a choice of six action-packed multiplayer game modes, and 40 unique maps set in one of the most beautiful, retro-arcade inspired game environs ever created, Multiwinia promises to be the ultimate homage to the halcyon days of gaming. Challenge your opponent to a game of stick-man slaughter, and watch digital-war unfold, as your Multiwinian army struggles to complete a chosen task faster and better than your rival’s. It’s fast, it’s furious, and only the flattest will survive!

For more information on Multiwinia and its release, please visit: http://www.multiwinia.com.

About Introversion Software

Heralded as 'the last of the bedroom programmers', Introversion Software is one of the UK's most-respected and successful independent game developers and publishers. Founded in 2001 by three university students, and starting out with an initial personal investment of just £600, Introversion went on to produce three critically acclaimed titles; Uplink, Darwinia and DEFCON. Their second title, Darwinia, was awarded three prizes at the 2006 Independent Games Festival Awards, including the Seumas McNally grand prize, and Introversion was recently voted one of the top 50 Best Games Companies in the world. Introversion is currently working on a number of exciting new projects to be announced over the coming months. For more information on these please visit http://www.introversion.co.uk and our developer’s blog http://www.introversion.co.uk/blog

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