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More screenshots from new puzzle game, Fading Shadows, exclusive to PSP(TM)

Genre: Puzzle

Developer: Ivolgamus

Release Date: February 2007

Price: £24.99

PEGI: 7+

Format: PSP

Fading Shadows is an incredibly original title, exclusive to the PSP TM, created by European developer Ivolgamus. The unusual style of gameplay is combined with stunning graphics and a compelling storyline to make this a must for any players with a penchant for puzzle-platformer games.

The player must guide an orb through 40 captivating levels by controlling a magical beam of light. This orb contains the soul of a young boy, and it is the player's job to rescue the boy by safely leading the orb to the Castle of Heaven. Pass through swamps, travel over mountains, visit castles and explore deserted cities on your quest to save the world from the forces of darkness.

Each level will require the player to change the state of the orb to glass, wood or metal, and control it with the appropriate force from the beam of light. To proceed past the Dark Castle level the player must turn all the disks of the pentagram towards the gate and place the orb in the centre. But how do you turn the disks? A closer look reveals a number of switches scattered throughout the level, and these can be activated using the orb or the beam of light. The following actions can be seen in the accompanying screenshots.

To reach the switch beyond a matrix of numerals the orb must move over the matrix without touching a number out of sequence.

Press three buttons in the correct order to activate the switch at the fireplace.

To reach the switches above the escalator, players must activate it using the switch placed in front and above the escalator that will raise the platform underneath allowing the orb to travel up and reach the next switch.

Finally when all discs are turned towards the gates and the orb is placed in the middle of the pentagram the gates will open for the orb to be driven through.

Fading Shadows is to be released in February 2008.

About Ivolgamus

Ivolgamus UAB is an international developer and publisher founded in 2002 in Vilnius, Lithuania. Over the last few years Ivolgamus has grown exponentially and has developed games for various platforms, such as PlayStation®2, PSP®, GameBoy Advance, Wii, Nintendo DS, and PC. Ivolgamus specialises mainly in two types of games - super-casual mass-market games and niche titles with unique gameplay. This strategy allows Ivolgamus to find its place in the competitive interactive entertainment market.

For more information please visit http://www.ivolgamus.com

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