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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

One of the first titles playable online via the PS3 using the PSP's new "adhocParty" system.

SAN MATEO, CA — November 19, 2009 — Capcom®, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, is pleased to announce that Monster Hunter Freedom Unite™ for the PSP® (PlayStation® Portable) system will be one of the first titles playable online using the new “adhocParty for the PSP system” service that launched today. Future updates to adhocParty for the PSP system will bring more Capcom multiplayer PSP titles into the online realm.

adhocParty for the PSP system is a service which enables PSP owners to play online multiplayer games featuring Adhoc mode over the internet through the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system. PSP titles with Adhoc mode traditionally require users to play within close proximity to each other over Wi-Fi, but with adhocParty for the PSP, PSP owners can play anyone in the world through the PlayStation®Network.

Monster Hunters who own a PSP system and PlayStation 3 system will be able to connect the two using adhocParty for the PSP system. Utilizing the PlayStation 3 system’s wireless networking and online connection, adhocParty for the PSP system creates a social network gateway that will allow Monster Hunter Freedom Unite players to find each other online and adventure together in groups of four. To enable adhocParty for the PSP system, each user must have both a PSP and PlayStation 3 system. To install, users can easily download adhocParty for the PSP system free of charge from the PlayStation®Store and save the application on to the PlayStation 3 system’s built-in hard drive. adhocParty for the PSP system supports voice chat through the Wireless Headset, offering a complete and immersive gaming experience only available on the PlayStation platform.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite was released in June of this year and is the biggest game of the series so far, with over 500 hours of gameplay and dozens of new monsters, weapons and missions. Throughout the strategic gameplay experience, players are rewarded for their combat maneuvers and tactics, encouraging players to seek out more experienced hunters to team up with in order to benefit from their experience. Additionally, Capcom releases downloadable missions and in-game content for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on a regular basis for no additional charge.

For more information about Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, please visit: http://press.capcom.com

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