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Monster Ball: a new game by Legless Lizard Games

Indie games developer Legless Lizard Games has just released Monster Ball, a new 3D arcade game for the PC. But is this yet another entry in a classic game type that has been around since the early 80's? Nope - it's an entirely new gameplay concept.

Monster Ball is a "snooker-em-up" - a challenging, brain-teasing and somewhat surreal action game with innovative and multi-layered gameplay. It's sort of like pool... but with monsters.

Monster Ball features colourful and attractive 3D graphics, over 150 waves of enemies to defeat, cunningly designed special achievements to aim for, and an adjustable difficulty level to suit all levels of player skill. Players can even save replays of their games.

Monster Ball is family-friendly, but that doesn't mean it's coated in saccharine. Monster Ball can be enjoyed by gaming fiends of all ages. What's more, the game is structured so that persistence will always bring progress - but to truly master the game, a player must become both skillful and adept at thinking on their feet.

A free demo of Monster Ball is available from the game's home page:


There's a gameplay video there too, so the game can be seen in action right away.


Dave Chambers


Home Page: http://www.leglesslizardgames.com


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