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Monsteca Corral

Pikmin comparisons shrugged off by indie developer Onteca.

Liverpool, November 25, 2009 – The much anticipated Wiiware™ title, Monsteca Corral will soon make its gaming debut this coming January 2010 after almost 18 months of development. The British indie game developer Onteca, only recently announced the launch of their first game this month which sparked off debates as to whether or not an indie company could bet all the odds and become another ‘World of Goo’ story.

The casual game that could only best be categorised as being in the same genre as Pikmin and Flower, has fought the immediate comparisons made when such prominent titles were mentioned. The developers at Onteca have taken everything with a pinch of salt, and are confident that once players delve into the surreal ambient levels of Monsteca Corral that previous misconceptions will be amiss.

Monsteca Corral is an independently developed title focusing on fast paced fun-puzzle gameplay, targeted at anyone and everyone who enjoys pick up and play games with no hidden agenda to subliminally take over their life. You play on your terms and you the player control a herd of peculiar named orange creators, formally known as Sdompes’. The cute and not so bright Monsters, who once activated, need help to avoid being dismembered by invading robots. So instead of watching the poor creators run dim-witted riot, it is your job to accumulate and guide them successfully through each level.

You take the role of a Monster Herder, flying above them and saving them from the dangers of their changing environment and the ever growing ominous robot population. As your Sdompes’ run through each level, you guide them towards 'Energy orb' bonuses that are scattered throughout the habitat; these will increase the communal power of the herd.

As Herder, you can:

• Use Wiimote to create deviation paths that block off dangerous routes for Sdompes’.

• Use Wiimote to allow Sdompes’ to follow a route.

• Use Wiimote to allow Sdompes’ to split and form a sub group.

• Use Wiimote to help Sdompes’ damage the robot environment. M/F

• Use Wiimote to make your Sdompes’ jump and shake and sing.

As additional levels arise, the game emerges as a cross-country running game with Sdompe migrating through the different and ever changing environments of the Monsteca World: Stomping through Desert, Open Plains, Wooded Highlands, Forest, Wetlands and City in their bid to make it home safely.

Monsteca Corral is set to be released through the Wii Shop Channel in 2010, venturing into a new family of games for the Wii™ console. Monsteca Corral will invite people to experience a totally new and innovative method of gameplay with a fresh perspective on a classic genre.


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Other game information

Gather your Sdompe

Sdompes start a level spread out accross the landscape, it’s your job to gather them into a force to be reckoned with and get them working together as a herd. All the time being aware of the Sentry Robots and Imposters trying to halt your progress.

Plan your route accross the landscape

Flying above the herd the whole level can be observed and routes defined/adjusted.

Stop the Robots altering terrain

The Terrain-Levellers will flatten areas to prepare them for buildings, if thrown in the water by a group of Sdompe another robot must come and fish them out, wasting the Robot's time and slowing the growth of cities.

Knock down some Robot buildings

The Sdompe can run at a building and attack it, the more charged your group is the easier it is to damage. Different type buildings vary in strength.

Wake up an Astro-maggot and fly on to the next stage

Giant space-travelling maggots live under the ground, fully charged Sdompes can summon them up above the surface so the herd can jump on their backs or attach themselves on strings of mucus to escape to the next part of their journey.

Message to Editors:


Onteca is an interactive media company that works with some of the most difficult emerging technologies in both the creative and digital sector. Long regarded as a centre of technical innovation and problem solving, they are now poised to lead the way in the field of advanced mobile application development and video games production.


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Website: www.monsteca.com

Company: www.onteca.com

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