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Monkey Wrench

Details of a new multi-player gaming platform, with the figure in the final paragraph possibly a slight underestimate.

NEW YORK - March 17, 2009 - Rebel Monkey, a New York City entertainment company focused on the convergence of games and social media, today announced the unveiling of its Monkey Wrench real-time multiplayer gaming platform. The Monkey Wrench platform delivers unprecedented levels of real-time interactivity for casual gamers as well as persistent in-game and in-world avatars, badges and achievements, and a robust virtual goods management system.

Unlike most multiplayer platforms that only offer asynchronous or head-to-head competitive play, Monkey Wrench provides additional levels of gameplay interaction, including the unique ability to allow players to form teams and engage together in real-time co-op games. Co-op games also form the foundation for Rebel Monkey's premier virtual world, CampFu - a browser-based Casual Massively Multiplayer Online (Casual MMO) community powered by the Monkey Wrench platform.

In CampFu's free-to-play environment, co-op games drive players to form natural teams, fostering deeper engagement and providing greater opportunities for monetization through the sale of virtual goods. Co-op gameplay emphasizes group as well as individual achievement. The recent success of games such as Rock Band points to their popularity. The initial co-op game offerings to be played on CampFu include FunGeez, WordMob, Critter Smackdown and Veg-Out.

"Monkey Wrench makes CampFu possible - allowing for rapid, scalable and cost-effective deployment of real-time multiplayer content," said Margaret Wallace, Rebel Monkey CEO. "We've taken care of all the technical heavy-lifting and intend to make the Monkey Wrench application programming interface (API) available to developers for launching their own co-op games on CampFu."

In 2008, Jeff Kesselman joined Rebel Monkey as Chief Technical Officer (CTO) to head up Monkey Wrench platform development and architecture. Kesselman's experience in the video games and multimedia industries spans over fifteen years. As the inventor of Sun Labs Project Darkstar, he is a leading expert on Internet scaling and security.

With an estimated 231 casual gamers worldwide and an expected 180 million registered users of virtual worlds such as Club Penguin or Habbo Hotel by the end of 2009, Rebel Monkey stands at the nexus of several significant trends.

About Rebel Monkey, Inc.

Rebel Monkey, Inc. is a NYC-based entertainment company. Founded in 2007, Rebel Monkey's Casual MMO, CampFu is built on top of its own multiplayer gaming platform. CampFu offers collaborative gaming, highly customizable avatars and an array of virtual goods in a fun online environment. For more information, please visit www.campfu.com.


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