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Molecule-obliterating chemistry game for the iPhone.


HAINAUT, BELGIUM - November 18, 2009 - After the terrific success of Shift (downloaded more than 1,400,000 times), the video game studio Fishing Cactus releases its 4th iPhone game: Minim on the App Store.

"One more game on the App Store..." I hear you say. Well, it's a point of view but what if this game was really different?

Decide by yourself...

- How original? Find most games offering more and more? In Minim you start with more but end with less, if you have the skill... Become a MINIMalism expert in no time!

- Which concept? Get the chance to play with a chemistry set in a few seconds! Obliterate molecules by combining connected atoms, reducing the subatomic matter to a single particle.

- How? Test your skills against time and reason, all with the touch of a finger, in the all out marginalizing minimization of mathematical methodology!

As a conclusion, Minim is the newest puzzle-game sensation for the iPhone with 50 mind-tingling levels. It will be your daily dose of Brain training!

Want more info about Minim?

Minim is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch, and requires iPhone OS 3.0.

The game is available on the App Store:

- a full version for $1.99/€1,59 (including 50 levels and more to come)

- a free Lite version (first 5 levels)

Visit the website dedicated to the game, and watch the YouTube demos (long or short version) & the official trailer.

Additional screenshots of the game can be found here.

Would you like to review this new game?

Contact us at contact@fishingcactus.com

Who is Fishing Cactus?

Fishing Cactus is now a major player in the iPhone game development business. Minim is already their 4th game after Equilibrio, Shift and Péchés Mignons. By the way, Fishing Cactus celebrates the official release of Minim by dropping the price of Equilibrio to $0.99/€0,79 (click here to watch Equilibrio's demo).

And they are working hard on new projects: 3 additional iPhone games are on the way. Wanna be the first to know about them? Follow @FishingCactus on Twitter and/or join their Facebook's group!

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