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Miniclip launches dedicated mobile division

Browser game giant moves into iPhone and Android development

Casual game developer and publisher Miniclip is to specifically target the iPhone and Android markets, having yesterday announced the creation of a new mobile division.

While the Swiss firm has released a number of mobile titles previously (Fragger reached second place in the paid iPhone App charts), the new business unit represents a concerted move to leverage Miniclip's 57 million users on multiple platforms.

Miniclip will develop and publish some of its most established IPs on both iPhone and Android, including Ping Pony, Candy & Clyde and further derivations of grenade-lobbing hit Fragger.

“It's no secret there is an overabundance of games available for the iPhone; yet Miniclip has been able to break through the clutter and leverage our massive community of casual gamers to drive awareness and sales," said Antonio Sergio Varanda, boss of the new mobile division.

"Miniclip has spent the past nine years building the largest online destination site for gamers and establishing a trusted reputation amongst households worldwide."

The company has operated since 2001 without any external funding, and boasts 600 self-distributed online games.

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