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Mini Plane

Can now be piloted on the iPhone.

Mayday maday! OrangePixel's Mini Plane is now landing on the iPhone!

Welcome to your first fly lesson, proceed by touching your screen to make the plane go up, and release your screen to make the plane go down. Collect fuel to keep flying, collect stars for points and combo's, and try not to crash into buildings, planes, helicopters or other objects.

Fly your little yellow plane for as long as you can! With simple gameplay of Mini Plane everybody can fly... the question is just how long! Keep your plane in the air avoiding other planes, tall buildings, and many other obstacles. Pickup various bonus items for extra points and fuel.

Short feature list:

OneThumb gameplay audio enabled unlockable extra's unlockable achievements (RumbleX.com) online high score rankings (RumbleX.com)

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About OrangePixel

OrangePixel was founded in 2004, and has been developing and designing game concepts for the mobile market. A strong focus on original ideas and mobile game concepts is quickly setting OrangePixel aside from the large market of rehashed ideas and branded content. With OneThumb game concepts like Rocketboy, Toddlers, Sliderkids, and new ideas like the critically acclaimed Mechanics; OrangePixel has the balls to be creative.



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