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Mighty morphing power racer

Midas Interactive shift into overdrive with the release of the eagerly anticipated futuristic racer, StateShift, out now on the PSP. Retailing at a competitive £19.99 this is a must have title for all race fans and sci-fi enthusiasts alike.

Set in the future during a period of political unrest, a series of bloody conflicts have brought the worlds economy to the brink of collpase. This has resulted in mass global poverty, where the poor strive to survive with only one motivation.illegal StateShift racing!

Featuring a choice of futuristc racing craft with state-of-the-art morph abilities, drivers can gain the uperhand by dynamically shifting between unlockable race states including Dragster, Ghost, Mamouth and Scorch.

Players go head-to-head against 15 other fearless racers across 9 death defying tournaments in single player, career and the awesome multiplayer mode.

Danger is never far away, with a full arsenal of devastating weaponry armed and ready to unleash at the touch of a PSP button. Collect homing missiles, mines, rocket launchers to gain the edge in a race to the finish line, where only the fastest and deadlisit pilots will survive.

Midas' Marketing Account Manager, Adrian Clews comments "The futuristic racing genre continues to attract huge popularity and StateShift excels in every component that defines the genre, advanced racing physics, mind blowing tracks, insane speeds and above all, devastating weaponry".


For more information please contact Adrian Clews at Midas Interactive Ent.

T: +44 (0) 1279 858 004/000

E: adrian.clews@midasinteractive.com

W: www.midasinteractive.com

About Midas Interactive

Midas Interactive Entertainment Ltd, based at Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, is a leading European publisher and developer of video games for all major gaming platforms, including Nintendo DS, Playstation Portable, PlayStation 2 and PC.

Midas has established market leading budget ranges on the major console formats. The company mantra is to offer the best possible value for money in the market place and have a range that has the widest possible market appeal.

The Midas formula works with total PlayStation sales exceeding 11 million units in Europe alone. The future for Midas is to grow and improve the current ranges while ensuring that the demands of the next generation of gaming platforms are met. www.midasinteractive.com

About Majesty House

Majesty House is a newly established holding company looking after a group of companies operating within the entertainment industry. These companies are Midas Interactive Entertainment Ltd, Ghostlight Ltd, and Laughing Jackal Ltd (a development and testing studio).

The primary role of Majesty House is to firmly establish the Majesty House Group in the entertainment sector and deliver a profitable, vertically integrated business model.

"Majesty House - the home of entertainment" www.majesty-house.co.uk

About Engine Software

Engine Software B.V., based in Doetinchem, The Netherlands, is a highly experienced game development studio, founded in 1995, the company pride themsleves on being the longest running game developer in the Netherlands. Engine Software has been developing games for over twelve years, and is dedicated to creating high quality games, now spanning over 60 commercially published titles. In the last few years the company has specialised in developing games for handheld systems such as GameBoyTM Advance, Nintendo DSTM, and Playstation® Portable (PSPTM).

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