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Microsoft settles multiplayer infringement case

PalTalk's claims for royalties settled outside of court for an undisclosed amount

Microsoft has settled a patent infringement lawsuit submitted by PalTalk over royalties worth USD 90 million for an undisclosed sum out of court.

While details have not been revealed, Microsoft spokesman David Bowermaster described the settlement as an "amicable agreement", as reported by Seattle PI.

"The parties have settled the case, and PalTalk is quite pleased with the outcome," commented Max Tribble, a PalTalk lawyer.

Last week, a court was told that the Halo franchise as well as both the original Xbox and Xbox 360 consoles made use of patents owned by PalTalk.

The patents were said to cover ways in which multiple computers could interact with each other, specifically for use in multiplayer games, which Microsoft had dismissed the claims as being for outmoded dial-up connections, adding "the patents don't cover the way the Halo games work."

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