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Microsoft: 3.5m Xbox Live communications happen every day

Instant message texts or Live Vision chat numbers prove active membership

Microsoft has revealed that the 12 million members of its Xbox Live service are hugely active, with 3.5 million communications taking place every day across the network.

"Every day three and a half million instant message texts or Live Vision events happen on Live," the company's VP of strategic marketing for Europe, David Gosen, told GamesIndustry.biz. "Three and a half million, every day."

The revelation followed the Microsoft press conference in which Don Mattrick stated that a new member was joining Xbox Live every five seconds, and that users had spent over USD 1 billion on the service since launch.

"We've got 12 million members," continued Gosen. "We're demonstrating convergence of games and entertainment today - we're demonstrating in Europe more and more local content for video-on-demand coming to the platform.

"Globally we are the largest provider of high definition on-demand videos and TV, so we're doing it today and proving it and setting the bar very high. We'll continue to do that and make sure we create that broad appeal for the broad market."

The full interview with Chris Lewis and David Gosen will be available shortly.

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