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Virtual world to virtually screen documentary entitled "Another Perfect World: In Search of Virtual Paradise".

SAN DIEGO, CA: 12.00PM (PST) Sept 10, 2009: Metaplace ( www.metaplace.com), the next-generation virtual worlds platform, will screen "Another Perfect World: In Search of Virtual Paradise," a new documentary that looks at the merging of the virtual universe and real life. The virtual world screening, accessible to anyone visiting The Stage on Metaplace ( www.metaplace.com/TheStage/play), offers U.S. viewers their first opportunity to see the film.

The movie, by Femke Wolting and van Nes, examines who conceives these worlds, which ideas and ideologies take root and how economic and political rules evolve in the virtual worlds, among other issues. Included are interviews with Philip Rosedale of Second Life, Jae-Kyung Song of Lineage, Hilmar Veigar Petursson of EVE Online and Raph Koster of Metaplace.

Watch the first 30 minutes of the film online at www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxZP_ur_Tvo&fmt=22


For millions of people, the virtual universe is becoming increasingly intertwined with real life. In virtuality, creators and players can construct their own paradise, far removed from the real world and built according to their own personal preferences - from democracies to dictatorships. Inhabitants of virtual worlds are able to lead a parallel life that they would never have dared to dream about - from warlord to successful cybersex entrepreneur.

But who comes up with these worlds and what ideologies inform them? What does the building of a virtual Utopia involve? What are the economic and political rules in the virtual world? Is there freedom of press? Which forces are driving trade? Do the virtual inhabitants have to abide by laws, or is everybody free to do as they wish? Are they real virtual worlds, free from earthly constraints?

The makers of this documentary investigate the answers to these questions by talking to the founders of the largest virtual worlds about the ideas behind their inspirations and about the growing struggle between creators and players.

About Jorien van Nes, Director

Jorien van Nes (1971) has directed a large body of documentaries, mockumentaries, reportages, and TV movies, primarily for Dutch broadcaster VPRO. Her repertoire includes many programs for the experimental series Waskracht!, including documentaries such as “Dreamworld” (2006) and “Thank you very much, Mr. Van Veen” (2006), plus several short documentaries for “In Europe” (2007). Last year, Jorien van Nes won a Golden Calf award for the best Dutch TV movie of 2008 with “Den Helder.” Currently she’s developing two new movies.

About Femke Wolting, Director

Femke Wolting (1970) has directed several documentaries in recent years, including “It’s the End of TV As We Know It,” “Sneakers,” and “Viktor & Rolf: ‘Because we’re worth it!’” On January 1, 2000, Femke Wolting became the co-founder and director of the Amsterdam-based production company Submarine and SubmarineChannel.com. She has produced movies by, among others, Peter Greenaway, as well as animation series such as “Kika & Bob” and a variety of interactive games.

About Submarine

Submarine ( www.submarine.nl) is an Amsterdam-based production company specializing in documentaries, animation series and games. Recently, Submarine has produced such documentaries as ‘Viktor & Rolf: Because We Are Worth It!’ the first documentary completely filmed in Second Life, ‘Molotov Alva and His Search for the Creator: A Second Life Odyssey’ and Peter Greenaway’s new documentary ‘Rembrandt’s J’Accuse.’ Submarine was founded in 2000 by Bruno Felix and Femke Wolting.

About Metaplace

Metaplace enables anyone to easily create their own unique virtual world through the first open virtual world platform that harnesses the power of the Internet. Metaplace envisions a network of user-created worlds spanning community to games to education to business and forming a web-based ecosystem for collaboration, socializing and conducting commerce.

Metaplace is led by President and founder Raph Koster, recognized as a visionary thinker for virtual environments and online community. Prior to founding Metaplace, Raph was the creative lead on the original Ultima Online and Chief Creative Officer at Sony Online. He is the author of “A Theory of Fun.”

Founded in 2007, Metaplace is based in San Diego, CA. Metaplace is a venture-backed company that has raised over $9 million from leading investors: Charles River Ventures, Crescendo Ventures, Marc Andreessen, and Ben Horowitz.

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