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Micro-billing widgets offering game payments via SMS, phone or credit card.

txtNation's leading billing solution, mENABLE ( http://www.m-enable.com) is about to get a new look with a wide range of additions, to its current payment platform - 'plug and pay' widgets.

txtNation will shortly roll out three new billing widgets, all centred around its already popular, Micro-Billing model; SMS, Phone and Credit Card. These will accompany the already popular main payment solution that offers more of a modular approach to billing and integration.

SMS billing is already part of the core of the txtNation billing platform, and Phone billing is proving to be a popular alternative way to pay where there isn't SMS coverage present. The Credit Card option will be provided using our third party Credit Card gateway partners.

"With this wide range of widgets, we are providing clients a huge step forward from legacy billing solutions they've had to rely on in the past.

Our customers will have the same robust features as previous versions, as well as a set of unique new capabilities that can directly improve their business growth and profitability," said Michael Whelan, Director of txtNation. "We are now about one to two weeks away from full release on the first widget, SMS Billing."

This complements the variety of current options available for txtNation clients that use this website billing solution, of which already include as many as four template options for installation onto a website.

txtNation sees the scope for such widgets, particularly in Join (Memberships) and online top-ups to which major users are ready and willing to make the jump to micro-payment plans. Gamers, for example, will be able to spend points that they purchase ahead of time on add-ons such as weapons, character outfits, cars, and game demos.

Ashley Cross COO for txtNation, "We're calling this approach 'plug-and-pay' and it's going to be hot."

There are now several online game companies that are forging the way for micro-payments and the use of such widgets like this. One example is Hangame.com, a gaming service from Korea's NHN Corp. that specialises in games like checkers, bingo, and mah-jong.

Your typical hardcore Half-Life 2 gamer might laugh at online mahjongmah-jong players, but NHN Corp. is the one laughing to the bank. Hangame launched in 1999, and by 2004 it was pulling down income of over $250,000 per day, resulting in over $90 million for the year. This revenue was accomplished with average payments of between 50 cent and a dollar.

txtNation is releasing this widget, a billing window with the primary focus on end user conversions which allows customers to buy products or services with as few steps as possible. A heavy focus on simplicity with no more web pages dedicated to web payments resulting in lost conversions. This solution can sit within the website environment, giving full customization in how to present the payment widget.

txtNation executives see the opportunity for continuing to evolve this product past competitor's offerings and thus allowing the widgets to evolve to its fullest.

Even further opportunities in open source websites software are becoming visible. For instance, Facebook and MySpace plug-in providers are huge in today's social societies. txtNation sees this as a popular option for integration due to the ease and expansion possibilities for more customization.

Read more about the release of these new website widgets online, at the txtNation Blog ( http://blog.txtnation.com).

The full release of these widgets will roll out in Q1 of next year - a further option for webmasters, affiliate program owners and business over the world to increase revenues from this innovate billing option.

For more information, please visit: http://txtnation.com/contact_call.php.

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