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Medal Wars

Cartoony action RPG available in demo form.


Kerry, Ireland - October 27th, 2009 - Paul Davis is proud to announce Medal Wars Demo is now available on PC. Medal Wars is an cartoon Action-Rpg set in the chaos of World War 1. As a replacement captain attempting to turn the tide of the war against the Black Army, the player (in the role of a Rifleman, Shotgunner, or Machinegunner) must venture towards the frontline in search of the Black Army's New Secret Weapon. However, the journey proves to be a dark and dangerous one, as the Enemy are almost within reach of the Capital City, the clock is ticking.

Full-Game Features:

- Three distinct character classes with unique attributes and weapon skills.

- Twenty-Four different, fully populated areas complete with unique missions and features.

- Advanced combat system, with body-targeting system enabling head and foot shots.

- New onscreen inventory makes equipping and using items both fun and easy.

- Full multiplayer support for Local Area Network and internet

For more information, visit www.medalwars.com

About Paul Davis

Paul Davis is currently living in Ireland making freeware games. He's worked in the industry for eight years and is currently active in bringing out new concepts and ideas for gaming.


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