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MAX Media Manager Pro arrives!

Organise your digital media, and play it on your Wii…


April 10th, 2006 - At last, you can manage your media and play it back on your Nintendo Wii with ease! MAX Media Manager Pro is the perfect media management solution. You can transfer MP3s to your supplied SD card, and even rip CDs. Video footage can be converted and condensed, and you can subscribe to Podcasts, manage your picture collection and even swap gamesaves with people from all over the world!

MAX Media Manager Pro's audio manager lets you rip the tracks from your favourite CDs and transfer them directly to your 1GB SD card using your PC. Alternatively, copy your digital music collection instead. It's easy - just insert the SD card into the supplied USB SD Card Reader and plug it into your PC. When you've transferred the files, you can remove the SD card and play back your tracks on your Wii. 1GB is enough to store around 250 songs, or approximately 35 hours of listening, so you're not short of space.

Video files can be converted and transferred too. You can control the precise size, aspect ratio, zoom, bitrate and audio settings, and encode your movies to fit precisely on the available space on your SD card, ready to be watched on your Wii. You can even rip DVDs directly to the card, as long as they're not copy-protected.

Viewing your digital photos and other such images on your Wii is really easy with MAX Media Manager Pro. You can stretch, zoom, resize and generally mess around with your photos as much as you like, then transfer them to your SD card for viewing on your console. As a gigabyte is enough for over a thousand standard digital photos, you've the means to make a really impressive slideshow.

With MAX Media Manager Pro, you can also subscribe to Podcasts and have them downloaded directly to your computer. Using RSS for automatic updates, the shows of your choice are saved to your PC, ready for you to transfer them to your Wii for listening, or even viewing - video Podcasts are automatically transcoded and saved in a format your console can play back.

Last, but by no means least, MAX Media Manager Pro for Wii is your key to a world of downloaded gamesaves. You can download saves from the internet for use with your favourite Wii games, back them up to your PC and even email them to your friends.

MAX Media Manager Pro contains everything you need, straight out of the box. There's a 1GB SD card, a USB Card Reader for your PC and a MAX Media Manager Pro software disc. With our exciting product and <I>your</I> imagination, there's no limit to what you can achieve with MAX Media Manager Pro

MAX Media Manager Pro is in the shops now, and costs £29.99 UK or $39.99 USA. It can also be bought direct at www.codejunkies.com or by calling 08456 010 015.

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