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Matchstick Puzzle by DS set to spark up the casual gamers market

Mercury Games and Ertain announce new Zen title

LONDON, 13th September 2007

Mercury Games announces today a new game for the Nintendo DS as part of the Zen series, entitled "Matchstick Puzzle by DS". The game is a classic puzzle game which requires lateral thinking and includes lots of brain teasing conundrums.

The aim of the game is to answer the questions by moving or rotating matchsticks; for example the player may be presented with two match sticks and then asked to make 14 boxes by adding six other match sticks.

Matchstick Puzzle by DS has more than 150 puzzles of four difficulty settings to complete. The game also has hints to help the player decipher the more abstract clues. In addition, the game has a time attack mode in which the player must complete 10 random puzzles in the fastest time possible but without any hints to help them.

Thanks to the straightforward, uncomplicated nature of the game and the simplicity of the Nintendo DS, the game can be played by people of all ages regardless of whether they have played computer games before.

Matchstick Puzzle by DS is part of the Zen series of games which have been developed with the busy, contemporary urbanite in mind. Matchstick Puzzle by DS, in line with the rest of the Zen series, does not contain any violent or competitive elements. Zen games are co-published by Mercury Games and Ertain.

Tomo Ohno, Chief Operating Officer of Ertain BV said: "Matchstick Puzzle by DS" is a fun, taxing and yet relaxing game. The game will appeal to all people, who like puzzles and a challenge."

The game will be released at the end of October and will be priced at £19.99/ 24.99.


Notes to the Editor

About The Zen Series

The Zen series of games have been developed for the busy, modern urbanite to aid relaxation. This series of lifestyle games do not contain any violence or competitive elements. Zen games are co -published by Mercury Games and Ertain. Experience the spirit of Zen.

About Mercury Games

Mercury Games was set up in 2005 as a video games publisher and has sold over one million units worldwide of the Crazy Frog franchise.

Mercury Games publishes games across all platforms including licensed and original IP products for PC, Nintendo DS and Wii, Sony PS2, PSP and PSN, and Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade.

Mercury Games currently operates two additional brands, Turtle Games which publishes games for the children's market and The Zen Series , which it co-publishes with Japanese videogame company Ertain, consisting of relaxing, non-violent and non-competitive lifestyle games.

Mercury Games are based in central London.

For more information on Mercury Games visit, www.mercurygames.com

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About Ertain

Ertain is a publisher of video games from Japan, focusing on handheld consoles. It was incorporated in 2005 and now employs more than 45 people. Ertain is also developing next generation consoles and online games for PCs. Ertain has firmly established itself in Japan with a range of innovative products. It is now expanding into Western markets with a new European division, Ertain BV in Netherlands.

For more information on:

Ertain BV visit, www.ertain.com/en/

Ertain Japan visit, www.ertain.com/ja


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