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Mastiff Releases Massive Song List for "Pump It Up: Exceed"

Over 100 songs include tunes from Grammy nominees and popular dance hits

SAN FRANCISCO, CA September 9, 2005 Video Game publisher Mastiff today announced the list of songs included in Pump It Up: Exceed, the home version of the international arcade hit dance game, for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system and the Xbox® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. This list does not include the hidden songs in the game which must be unlocked.

Pump It Up: Exceed was released to stores this week and comes in a package that includes the special five-button Pump It Up mat, and will be available at retailers throughout North America for a suggested price of $59.99. A version without the mat will also be available for a suggested price of $39.99.

Visit www.piu4home.com, the official site of the home version of Pump It Up: Exceed, for more information about the game. The website features all the latest news on the home game, sample tracks, and more.

The songs featured in Pump It Up: Exceed include:

Elvis Presley (Junkie XL Remix) A Little Less Conversation

Pandera I Love You Baby

Earth, Wind & Fire Let's Groove

The Crystal Method Name of the Game

Sugarhill Gang Rapper's Delight

Steriogram Walkie Talkie Man

Banya Ignition Starts!

Banya Hypnosis

FINKL Forever Love

Steve Yoo Passion

CLON Come to Me

CLON Funky Tonight


NOVASONIC Another Truth

Banya HATE

Banya Koul

Banya Final Audition

Banya Extravaganza

H.O.T Fighting Spirit

Sechs Kies Com'Back

Sechs Kies Mobius Strip

Banya Final Audition 2

Banya Naissance

Banya Turkey March

Banya Nightmare

Banya She Likes Pizza

Banya Pumping Up*

Tashannie Don't Bother Me

stephan yoo Love Song



Banya Oh! Rosa!

Banya First Love

Banya Solitary

Banya Mr. Larpus

Baby V.O.X. A TRAP


Banya Rolling Christmas

Banya Beethoven Virus

DEUX Come Back to Me



Banya Dr. M

Banya Love is a Danger Zone

Banya Maria*

Banya Winter

Banya Will-O-The-Wisp

To-ya Go Away

Hanul Gotta be Kidding!


Banya Vook

Banya Csikos' Post

Papa Gonzales Bambole

Banya Bee

Scoop featuring Joyce Lyle Clap your hands

Queen Latin Conga

Banya D Gang

Mozquito Eres Para Mi

Banya Hello

Gans Join The Party

Mozquito Mexi Mexi

Banya Beat of the War

NOVASONIC Empire of the Sun

Banya Come to Me

Crying Nut Circus Magic

DUKE Starian

Honey Family The Rap. Act 3

Banya Chicken Wing

F2 Radezky CanCan

T.T.MA Loner

Lee Hyun Do Pierrot

Banya Final Audition Ep. 1

Banya Final Audition 3

Banya Naissance 2

Banya Blazing

Banya Pump Me Amadeus

Banya X Treme

Banya Get Up!

ONE TWO Shake That Bootie

BoA Valenti

Crash What Do You Really Want?

Debbie scott Kiss Me

Kaoma Essa Maneira

Kristeen Ba Be Loo Be Ra

Los ninos de sara La Cubanita

ROD Shake It Up

Victoria Power of Dream

Victoria Watch Out

El Cuba Fiesta

General Grant Soca make yuh ram ram

P. Hernadez & B. Thomas Born to be Alive

  • denotes a song that is exclusive to the PlayStation 2 game.

PSM magazine recently tagged Pump It Up: Exceed with it's "Buy or Die" designation, and Rolling Stone magazine says, "Already a hit in arcades, Pump It Up: Exceed now comes in a home version that is more intuitive and challenging than Dance Revolution."

While other dance games arbitrarily assign positions to a dancer's feet, Pump It Up features choreographed steps for each song and a five button mat that lets the step designers reward players for not just where they put their feet, but how the feet got there. The game features about 100 songs, including new music for the console version from cutting edge artists such as Grammy nominees Crystal Method and Steriogram, as well as Elvis vs. Junkie XL;, Earth, Wind and Fire; and Sugarhill Gang. Music familiar to fans of the arcade include top K-POP (Korean pop) acts like Sechs Kies, Honey Family, Clon and Novasonic, and songs like Beethoven Virus and Pump Me Amadeus by BanYa, the Pump It Up original band.

Developed by Andamiro of Korea, Pump It Up first debuted in arcades in 1999, and over the next 5 years became an international smash hit, with nine versions selling a remarkable 20,000 machines.

In 2004 Mastiff and Andamiro joined forces to produce a version of Pump It Up for console systems. The vision behind the project was simple: without changing what makes the arcade experience great, add the features and modes that home users expect.

About Mastiff

Mastiff is a publisher of interactive entertainment with offices in Tokyo, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Recent titles from Mastiff include La Pucelle: Tactics, which was recently awarded an Editor's Choice Award from leading gaming website, IGN.com, and a "Must Buy" from top PlayStation 2 publication, PSM. Other recent releases include Gungrave: Overdose, Technic Beat and Top Gun. Please see www.mastiff-games.com for more information.

About Andamiro

Andamiro is a major developer and manufacturer of interactive coin operated entertainment equipment supplying the amusement and gaming business. Andamiro is headquartered in Seoul, Korea with a world wide sales and marketing office located in Torrance, California. For further information contact sales@andamirousa.com

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