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MapleStory – Reallocate Misspent Ability and Skill Points

Mistakes made in allocating skill points and ability points wiped out thanks to innovative and easy-to-use 'AP reset' and 'SP reset' tokens – available in Cash Shop

Thursday 20th September/... Players who have wrongly allocated Ability Points (AP) and Skill Points (SP) can now easily rectify their mistakes in MapleStory Europe, the hugely successful, free to play MMORPG from world-leading innovator and publisher of online games, NEXON, thanks to 'SP reset' and 'AP reset' tokens available to purchase in the Cash Shop.

For every token bought in the cash shop players can reallocate one point in-game which allows them to reallocate any points that have been misspent when building up their character.

MapleStory is a unique 2D, side-scrolling, massively multiplayer online role-playing game, featuring charming, hand-drawn graphics and simple, yet impressively deep gameplay mechanics. Players in MapleStory can look forward to facing exciting quests and fearsome - not to mention cute! - monsters as they journey through a colourful and lively world, bursting with the best elements from both popular online RPGs and classic 2D platform games.

AP Reset

In the past, once a character's AP were assigned, it was permanent. With AP Reset, a character's AP can be reassigned to suit their needs. AP Reset is now available (as of Tuesday 18th September) in the Cash Shop for 3,100 NEXON Cash Points - A small price to pay for perfection.

Re-assigning AP is simple. Double click the AP reset item in the item inventory to bring up the 'Resetting AP' window. Select the SP you want to reset, select from list where you want to put your returned AP and confirm the change.

SP Reset

As MapleStory players know only too well, once SP are applied their effects are permanent, so users are always advised to take care in choosing their skills. As of Thursday 27th September, however, subscribers to MapleStory Europe hoping to refocus their skills will be able to redistribute SP using a special SP Reset to redistribute their skill points to suit their characters' needs.

The process of adjustment is easy. Players simply double click the SP Reset item in their item inventory to bring up the 'Resetting SP' window. Then they should select the SP they want to reset, select from the list where they want to put their returned SP and confirm the change.

"It's easy to make mistakes when allocating new skills and abilities to your character in any MMORPG - particularly a game like MapleStory that offers so much variety," said Calvin Yoo, Director of International Business Development at NEXON Europe. "That's why we have introduced the ability for players to re-focus their characters' abilities. In just a few clicks players can now re-assign their Skill and Ability Points for a nominal cost at the Cash Shop."

For further information on MapleStory Europe, and how specifically to use AP reset and SP reset tokens, please visit www.mapleeurope.com.



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