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Mad Tracks

Celebrating its third birthday with 50% off both the XBLA and PC versions.

Paris, April 2010,

Load Inc., the biggest of the small Paris based development studios is glad to announce that its historical game “Mad Tracks XBLA” is now 3 years old and still growing up.

To celebrate, Microsoft and Load Inc. are offering you a ONE WEEK 50% DEAL on both XBLA and PC version.

“We think $9.99 was already a sweet price for this car themed Xbox 360 game, but now at $4.99 you’re getting the game AND some loving hugs” says Sylvain, handsome engineer at Load Inc. (official title). “Errrr, 50% off, does that mean the game runs on an Xbox 180?” asks Nico, GD at Load Inc. – damn, we like him despite his poor Friday jokes.

Mad Tracks is an action-packed toy-car racing game, with toy cars powered by spring engines. Complete up to 45 challenges and gather 12 crazy achievements. Races are set in everyday places, like toy stores, mini-golf parks, and restaurants. Compete with your family and friends on a multiplayer split screen. And it's not just about racing: outpace your opponents by winning at pool or darts, or befuddle them with rockets or freezers.

Try the game for free. Yes. Free. Then you decide if you like it and buy it. That’s true democracy!

“Mad Tracks XBLA is half Micro Machines-style, power-up-laden arcade racing and half silly, action-based multiplayer challenge” says OXM (Official Xbox Magazine).

Developer: Load Inc.

Publisher: D3Publisher of America, Inc. / Load Inc.

Release Date: Available

Platform: Xbox 360 Live Arcade & PC

ESRB Rating: “E” (Everyone)

About Mad Tracks:



About Load Inc.

Founded in 2003, Load Inc. is a Paris based development studio specialized in car and arcade games. We love consoles, just like you.

We care about gamers & our expresso machine.

Proud makers of the trilogy ‘Mad Tracks XBLA’ and soon to be released ‘Things on Wheels’.

Visit www.loadinc.net – new web site!

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