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Lysander Special Operation

British WWII recce plane add-on for Flight Sim X.

FSAddon Publishing Press Release. The Netherlands, December 24th, 2009.

Lysander Special Operations by FSAddon Publishing is featuring the Westland Lysander WW2 aircraft for FSX. But the product is just as much about the clandestine operations it was used for. Flying over the Channel to occupied France, by the light of the moon, landing at little airfields by the light of three torches held by people from the French Maquis (resistance fighters).

ALL of that is included in the package, with maps, flight directives, landing zone scenery and extensive manuals. Even a version of 1942 Tangmer Airfield in the UK is included!

Sales are picking up already from simMarket, and if so desired you can also buy it from our own product page on www.fsaddon.eu, using the Flight1 wrapper system, or on CD (personally manufactured!).

This project has been in the making for 6 long years, ever since I picked up the book written by one of the original pilots, describing all these nocturnal flights and adventures.

Thanks to Chuck Jodry for all his quality work on it, and Jan Kees Blom for his beautiful additional paints. And Jaap van Hees for his Tangmere Airfield and Athlète Operation.

Many more have contributed, and they are all mentioned in the manual.

Some more info here, on the product page.

And we've already started on the next projects: building a dedicated website for the Lizzie and associated aircraft and facts. And then getting the Lockheed Hudson built, an aircraft that was also used for clandestine operations.

FSX is not a military sim, but ultimately very well suited for these kind of aircraft... and it so happens I like this era and NEED pet projects to stay sane...... so there !

I can only hope that you'll love Lizzie as much as I do....... and that it can help remember those brave men flying them, and what they ultimately did for us !...".

FSAddon Publishing specializes in high-quality landscapes, special aircraft and Flight Simulator tools. All of these can be found on their website at www.fsaddon.eu.

Link to Lysander Product Page: http://fsaddon.eu/wpfsaddon/fsaddon-products/lysander-secret-operations/

Link to simMarket Sales Page: http://secure.simmarket.com/fsaddon-lysander-special-operations.phtml


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