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Lost Saga

Free-to-play online fighting game launched in the States.

El Segundo, Calif.-Nov. 17, 2009- OGPlanet, an innovative provider of high-quality, free-to-play massively multiplayer online games, today announced the launch of Lost Saga.

Lost Saga pits players against one another in a battle for the ages. Players face off with heroes from fantasy, science-fiction and history, including everything from boxing champs to iron knights, pirates to ninjas, and even cowboys to dark shamans. Each hero comes with unique skills and abilities, and as players hone their battle skills and gain experience, their characters' powers will grow.

"We're proud to add Lost Saga to our OGPlanet family of games," said Sangchul Park, CEO of OGPlanet. "With a constantly growing selection of heroes and a great variety of battle modes, there's never a dull moment in Lost Saga. Our current OGPlanet fans as well as players new to our community will find hours of free, action-packed entertainment in our latest game."

Lost Saga includes a number of battle modes that challenge players to compete individually or on teams to gain skill and power. Mid-battle hero swaps, and weapons and armor that can be claimed and equipped, keep the duels fresh and unpredictable. No two battles are the same, and players must stay on their toes to emerge victorious.

Like all of OGPlanet's games, Lost Saga provides a high-quality, completely free-to-play experience. The entire game can be enjoyed without spending a dime!

For more information on Lost Saga, please visit http://lostsaga.ogplanet.com.

About OGPlanet

OGPlanet is a leading North American publisher of online games. The company, founded in 2005, offers a selection of some of the best massively multiplayer online games on a free-to-play basis. Users experience beautiful, easy-to-play multiplayer online games without the obligations of a subscription fee. For more information, visit www.ogplanet.com.

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