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Livingstone and NESTA launch UK skills review

New campaign to establish better games industry education and training

A new talent survey has been launched by digital industry luminaries including Eidos' Ian Livingstone and Double Negative's Alex Hope, intended to help improve games industry training in the UK.

The Skills Review is an independent endeavour that plans to survey both those who already work in the industry and those who hope to, then assess which skills and education policies may be required in order to create top-tier graduates.

Also supporting the initiative are NESTA and Skillset.

Explained Livingstone, "We're going to examine the entire talent pipeline for video games and visual effects, from schools through to HE/FE and industry.

"It is important that video games and visual effects are seen as great career opportunities. And young people applying for jobs in these industries must have the necessary hard skills.

"This survey will help us to capture the evidence we need to make a robust case to government for how policy should support these critical sectors."

The survey is available online now, with the resultant review to be published at the end of January 2011.


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