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Little Tournament Over Yonder

Elite warrior battler due for release on WiiWare in the States.

Singapore, November 19th 2009 – Gevo Entertainment, a Singapore-based game developer, today announced the upcoming release of their latest WiiWare™ game title, Little Tournament Over Yonder in the US on 23rd November 2009.

About the Game

Little Tournament Over Yonder is a game which combines fast-paced fighting action with strategy planning. The player leads an elite squad of warriors from one of four rival kingdoms to battle it out in an epic tournament. Featuring 12 unique characters with their individual weapons, attacks and actions, there is the single-player tournament campaign game and a 2-player versus game. The game has been created to be easy to pick-up and play for everyone, hence the simple controls and the cheerful, semi-cartoon style of graphics.

With the blend of distinctly different but familiar game-play genres and the accessibility of the game to most people, Little Tournament Over Yonder is designed to give a unique game experience for everyone in the family.

“Little Tournament Over Yonder is a game for everyone. The game has cute and lovable characters and combines exciting real-time battles with strategy planning. We hope people will

enjoy games with such a blend of features,” says Mr Akiyama Tsunemi, Managing Director of Gevo Entertainment.

This game will be available on the Wii Shop Channel in the US and other countries in the Americas from 23rd November 2009. It will cost 800 Wii Points™. This game has been released in Europe on 16th October 2009, and is currently available on the Wii Shop Channel in Europe. For more information, please visit the game website: http://www.gevo.com.sg/littletoy .

About the Company

Based in Singapore, Gevo Entertainment is a developer for interactive entertainment software games for Nintendo DS™ and Wii™. Since starting up in 2004, the Company has developed multiple console and handheld game titles for different game publishers from the US, Europe and Japan. The Company currently has 2 new original games in the pipeline, which are slated to be released on WiiWare and Nintendo DSiWare™ by 1st quarter 2010.

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