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Listen out for the sound of a Merlin....

Spitfire - The plane that every pilot dreams of flying is taking to the simulated skies in a package worthy of the most beautiful aircraft ever built.

Full details at: www.justflight.com

Spitfire is on its way and will be landing on 4th February. Fly a legend for just £29.99/44.95/$44.99

Ask any pilot which aircraft from history they would love to fly and the answer is invariably the Spitfire. Iconic, evocative and with a beauty of line that has never been equalled, the Spitfire deserves the very best when it takes to the simulated skies. We're confident we've achieved this with Spitfire - a landmark package for FS2004/2002/CFS3/CFS2 developed by Aeroplane Heaven - the recognised experts in vintage aircraft for flight simulation. The range of models featured begins appropriately with the prototype K5054 and reaches its zenith at the Griffon-engined Mk 22 - in all there are 39 aircraft that span 14 variants.

  • Each variant is thoroughly researched for authenticity and accuracy. Subtle differences between the different marks are modelled, including four different styles of throttle quadrant, landing gear controls and other equipment.
  • Flight models, liveries, 2D cockpits, virtual cockpits, panels, sounds and instruments that are reproduced to a phenomenal level of accuracy.
  • Working flight controls include trim tabs on elevators and rudder, operated from the correct controls in the cockpits, as well as flap and gear indicators, control rods and horns for the rudders.
  • Fully detailed undercarriages with correctly functioning suspension, brake lines and hydraulics; asymmetric gear retractions are also accurately modelled.
  • Spitfire comes with a totally unique multimedia presentation that guides you through every aspect of flying this amazing aeroplane.
  • Spitfire is rounded off with period scenery of RAF Duxford that includes the airfield, village and immediate surroundings.

Master the Merlin (and the Griffon!) Visit www.justflight.com for screenshots and full details.


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