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Liquid Rock Games developer diary

Malaysian studio to keep us posted on progress of futuristic racer Aftershock.

Liquid Rock Games ( http://liquidrockgames.blogspot.com/) and Gamers Daily News ( http://www.gamersdailynews.com) proudly announce that the Aftershock developer diary has begun, exclusively at GDN. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the development cycle for Liquid Rock Games' first title, the futuristic racer Aftershock, as they take you from the beginning and follow through up to release and beyond with the fortnightly diary.

Liquid Rock games has begun their developer diary with not one but TWO entries. The first goes all the way back in time before the studio was formed with "In the beginning"

"Before Liquid Rock Games was formed, we were just a couple of guys ( Pang Lih Hern and myself Yap Chun Fei ) with dreams of creating the greatest and uber coolest games on the planet! (a dream shared by thousands of other indie developers)."

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In the second entry they take a look at creating the look and feel in "Craft Designs"

"Since the environment tracks for Aftershock are based on earthquake ruins, the racing crafts are also designed to fit the theme. Although futuristic with high powered jets, they also had to look rusty and worn out and tough."

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Stay tuned as Liquid Rock Games continues the GDN exclusive Aftershock developer diary on a fortnightly basis (2nd and 4th Mondays of the month approximately) at the Liquid Rock Games Development Diary.

“We are extremely pleased the we could help Liquid Rock Games at this early stage in their lifecycle,” said Christophor Rick, Editor-in-Chief at Gamers Daily News, “they are exactly the type of independent developers that we want to help with the Developer's Corner area at GDN.”

About Liquid Rock Games ( http://liquidrockgames.blogspot.com/ )

Liquid Rock Games is a Malaysian based independent game development studio dedicated to becoming the dominant developer of action games in the country. Founded in February 2008 by Yap Chun Fei and Pang Lih Hern the company is currently developing the futuristic racer Aftershock set for release later in 2010.

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