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Lineage II – The Chaotic Throne: Interlude - Creatures Menagerie

This week, community manager Kelly Knox goes exploring on the Primeval Isle to discover the new creatures that await hardened hunters or hapless hopefuls. From Wild Striders to Pachycephalosaurs, to the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Primeval Isle is not f

Thursday 22nd March/...

Interlude, the next game update for Lineage II- The Chaotic Throne, introduces a number of new monsters to challenge courageous players of all levels. From primitive animals to boss monsters across a wide level range, players will encounter many new creatures in Interlude.

Primeval Creatures

Primeval Isle is home to a number of creatures making their first appearance in Lineage II. In the lush jungle foliage of Primeval Isle, dinosaurs silently stalk their prey. This newly discovered isle is teeming with life, from Wild Striders to Pachycephalosaurus and the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The formidable Tyrannosaurus Rex can go into a frenzy during battle. Players can make use of a new capturing skill to trap the Tyrannosaurus and increase their chances of defeating it.

Sailren, a level 87 raid boss, is the most dangerous beast lurking on the island. Players must complete a series of quests to enter this beast's lair. An enormous and vicious dinosaur, Sailren was sealed in its lair through the joint efforts of the goddess of the underworld and ancient Elroki warriors.

The Elroki, a tribe of alligator-like creatures, also call the Primeval Isle home. Some members of this mysterious tribe will help explorers on the island, offering to summon a player's body or start an adventurer on a new quest. One of the Elroki tribe, Uruka, is the younger brother of the chief. Ambitious and violent, Uruka is scheming against his brother and is leading a faction against him. Players will find this tough new level 86 raid boss in the middle of the island.

Raid Monsters

Other new raid bosses will also be introduced in the Interlude update. Ranging from level 20 to level 86, these raid bosses will offer a fresh new experience for veteran players.

The Iron Giant Totem, a level 45 raid monster, is said to have been created by a legendary demon known as Beleth. Totem was designed to manage other Golems in the demon's services. On one of Beleth's whims, however, the Iron Giant was sealed and placed on standby near the Ivory Tower. Feral Orcs in the area began to worship Totem as an idol, and the Iron Giant Totem now believes that he has become a god of the Orcs.

A level 72 raid boss named Doom Blade Tanatos also makes his first appearance in the Border Outpost. Once the commander of the infamous Death Blade Army, Tanatos was eventually demoted at the request several prominent nobles. He was later killed in battle when his army was sacrificed as bait. Not even death could end his bloodlust, however. Calling upon the magic of darkness, he and his army were resurrected as undead soldiers. Now the Commander of the Undead, Tanatos roams old battlefields and threatens the Border Outpost with his gleaming blade.

Interlude continues the tradition of previous "Chronicle" updates, introducing new friends and foes alike for players in Lineage II. We hope you will enjoy taking on these fearsome creatures in the first chapter of Lineage II- The Chaotic Throne!

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