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Lineage II Chronicle 5: Oath of Blood

Raising a Dragon in Lineage II

Wednesday 6th September/... Dedicated and passionate adventurers in Lineage® II: The Chaotic Chronicle can devote their time to a special 'pet project': the raising of a baby dragon from hatchling to adulthood. Only a few faithful caretakers will be rewarded for their perseverance and efforts, by soaring through the skies on the back of a mighty Wyvern.


Baby dragons are known as Hatchlings. A Pet Manager in the town of Giran starts mid-level players on their path to begin raising the Hatchling. Once they complete a special quest, the new pet owner begins to raise the baby dragon through feeding, care, and battle experience. Owners can bestow a unique name on their new pet and use a special flute to call their Hatchling to their side.

The Hatchling has its own personality and skills depending on its type, attuned to Wind, Stars or Twilight. A Hatchling of Twilight grows up to be well-suited for speedy transportation. Those attuned to the Stars can cast magic to damage an enemy and heal themselves. Hatchlings of Wind are a hardy dragon, with skills that damage their targets and raise their own defenses.

Hatchlings gain experience by fighting alongside their masters. After the Hatchling reaches level 55, it is time for the Hatchling to enter the next stage of its life.


A Wiseman in a remote village sets the Hatching and its owner on the journey to become a Strider. Once the Hatchling evolves into a Strider, the owner must continue to feed and care for their charge. The sound of a Dragon Bugle summons the Strider to answer its master's bidding.

At this stage in the dragon's life, the Strider is capable of fast transportation. Adventurers can ride on the back of a Strider to quickly traverse the spacious lands of Aden and Elmore. Striders move much faster than a player on foot and their speed can save weary adventurers from certain death. Striders can also continue to fight for their master and gain their own experience through combat.

The fiercest of all warriors, the Castle Lord, can use the Strider to the full extent of its abilities and cultivate it into a mighty Wyvern.


A Castle Lord can climb to the top of his or her castle, to take to the skies on the back of a mighty Wyvern. When the castle lord speaks to the Wyvern Manager, the Strider takes flight and transforms into a Wyvern. Like Hatchlings and Striders, the Wyvern must be fed and cared for.

Not only can Castle Lords quickly glide through the sky, they can command their winged ally to release a breath of fire against their foes on the ground below, turning the tide of any battle.

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