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Lime Odyssey

New screenshots released of cheery MMORPG from Sirius Entertainment.

- Lime Odyssey's new warm and bright feeling screenshots are vividly revealed!

- Various images that are using 'Dubal Highland' field, which is for mid-level users, for the background, are here!

- 'Fantasy worldview' that will remind of a fairytale-like world, can be indirectly felt!

'Lime Odyssey', a game with warm and bright texture that has been collecting gamers' continuous attention, has revealed its new pictures. Game developing company 'Sirius Entertainment Inc. (Representative Hwang Beong Chan)' stated that 20 new screenshots of the Changing MMORPG 'Lime Odyssey ( www.lime-on.co.kr)', currently developing in the company, will be presented.

The game screenshots' special feature is that the shots are taken in highland area for mid-level users, 'Dubal Highland' which will be introduced in 1st close-beta test, and includes the main characters' various poses. Especially, the elements that will be presented to gamers in the future, such as

Unique looks of the Male&Female characters of each race Moving to different worlds with party members Delicate backgrounds The game's overall aspects including U, can be seen as a general overview.

The screenshots mainly focus on the main characters of each race introducing the natural environment and various landscapes of mystical 'Dubal Highland'. Especially, the screenshots show the aspects of 'Fantasy life', including the unique natural figures that are in wide grassland and 'Highland rock' which is placed in the middle of the stone images of ancient heroes.

In addition, the game characteristics of Lime Odyssey that the developing company has been developing for the 1st close beta test, such as the battle scenes with monsters, moving through different worlds with party members, will be revealed through the screenshots.

After the screenshot release, the developing company is planning to renew the official website as soon as possible and deliver continuous information about the game, such as new illustrations and images, to the gamers.

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