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"Lexicon Entertainment Hellas and JoWooD Productions extend their distribution agreement for new PC titles in Q1 2008"

Lexicon Entertainment Hellas and JoWooD Productions announce the renewal of their distribution agreement

Athens 7th February 2008 - Lexicon Entertainment Hellas and JoWooD Productions Software AG announce the renewal of their distribution agreement for four new titles during Q1 2008, including the highly anticipated PC title "Fate of Hellas" which is the sequence of the well known RTS game Ancient Wars Sparta.

Please find below some initial information for these four new JoWooD products:

1. Seven Kingdoms Conquest (PC) is a Real Time Strategy game that explores 6,000 years of human history. Its setting has a healthy twist of fantasy with hordes of demons attempting to invade the earth every 1,000 years. Its gameplay also offers some fresh new ideas to make battles more intense and exciting. (Release Date: 19th March 2008) www.7kingdomsconquest.com

2. Painkiller Universe (PC) is the collectors' edition of one of the most popular FPS titles. Painkiller, Painkiller Add on, Painkiller Overdose and bonus material will be included in a special Painkiller box. (Release Date: March 2008)

3. Fate of Hellas (PC) is the sequel of the popular Ancient Wars Sparta. Thrilling realtime battles in ancient Greece. "Fate of Hellas" is an RTS game, which takes the player to ancient Greece: 2500 Years ago, before the rise of Rome, fierce battles between the Greeks and their enemies took place. (Release Date: March 2008) www.JoWooD.com

4. The Golden Horde (PC) is a unique RTS game which a takes you back to a place in time where the heirs of Dschingis Khan were ready to fight for their honor and glory. Choose your battles wisely; you will be up against fast and flexible Mongolians, heavily armed Crusaders and seemingly unconquerable Russians. (Release Date: March 2008) www.JoWooD.com

*Schedule could change slightly!

Gamers will be able to travel through the centuries and try their strategy against ancient enemies through the games Seven Kingdoms Conquest, Fates of Hellas and The Golden Horde. In addition, a special collector's edition of the popular FPS game Painkiller will now be available.

The above mentioned JoWooD titles are for distribution in Greece, Cyprus and Turkey with Lexicon Entertainment Hellas only!

About Lexicon Entertainment Hellas

Lexicon Entertainment Hellas (LEH M.EPE) is an affiliate company of Lexicon Entertainment LTD. Lexicon Entertainment is a leading publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment software for video game console systems and personal computers. The company was founded to provide an interactive element to his vision of a state-of-the-art, multi-faceted entertainment company. Since its inception in 2005, Lexicon Entertainment has continually been heralded for its focus on creating rich, immersive worlds for players to discover. Lexicon Entertainment games continually receive critical acclaim and attain commercial success, with the company's products shipped to over 25 territories.

About JoWooD Productions Software AG

JoWooD Productions Software AG (ATXPrime: JWD) is listed in the Prime Market segment of the Vienna stock exchange. JoWooD is a leading publisher of computer- and videogames, releasing international acclaimed, high-qualitiy titles for all existing and future gaming systems. The JoWooD games are distributed worldwide by an efficient net of distribution partners. For more information, visit


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