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Levine in contract renegotiations?

BioShock's famed developer is rumoured to be in renegotiations with Take-Two following the title's success

Ken Levine is rumoured to be renegotiating his contract with Take-Two, according to Variety.

It has been speculated that Levine is seeking to capitalise on the success of Bioshock in order to secure himself greater compensation and creative freedom.

BioShock 2 is in development and planned for a Q4 2009 release and is being developed by 2K Marin - a separate studio to that of Levine's. However, Take-Two were insistent that Levine would be involved in making the sequel but that "a lot of the work will be done at 2K Marin".

The original BioShock - developed by 2K Boston/2K Australia - has sold over 2 million units and is being turned into a movie by Universal Studios.