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Lessons Learned From Video Gamers

Interactive Agency applies insight to market products, services… and itself


September 26, 2007, 2007

Video Gamers push the technological envelop and have high expectations when it comes to interactive experiences. As a response to these expectations, GMS (Game Marketing Solutions), a provider of online, interactive engagement solutions offers their clients strategies, tactics and technologies that deliver the interactive experience gamers are accustomed to and expect. The GMS style of engagement has empowered marketers, such as the US Navy and The Art Institutes, to captivate gamers through interactive entertainment, online contests, mini games, integrated sponsorships and marketer underwritten online community enhancements.

For most, the word "game" brings current "blockbuster" titles to mind. Contrary to this line of thought, GMS takes a more universal path and defines "game" as ANY interactive experience that entertains and informs a "gamer". GMS views the positive "interactive experience" at the heart of a blockbuster title or an online game of chess as the exact same thing. Perceiving the experiences as identical and extracting that essence is the critical first step in understanding GMS. More importantly, that perception allows one to grasp how GMS applies the lessons it's learned from "hardcore" game industry experience to an incredibly diverse client set that targets numerous consumer segments.

GMS believes that gaming (interactive entertainment) has dramatically impacted the way gamers' consume information. As a result of their continual exposure, GMS recognizes that gamers require entertaining, interactive experiences when approaching any subject matter. This insight serves as a core principle GMS applies to their client's marketing initiatives. And, given the consumer receptiveness evidenced in their campaign reports, it appears they are addressing a real consumer need.

Despite popular opinion, GMS also defines the gamer, primarily male 18-34, not as a definitive gaming demographic but as "early adopters" and influencers ushering in interactive platforms that are appropriate in engaging, informing and entertaining all demographics.

In an effort to encapsulate its marketing philosophy, the company's website was developed to reflect the strategy GMS employs for its clients. A visit to the GMS website, http://www.e-gms.com, will confirm that they have gotten it right.

GMS Founder and CEO, Kevin Carney, states, "Our website features the "Marketer's Challenge" a viral, data driven trivia application that tests our visitors' knowledge on the topic of marketing. Complete with commercial breaks, showcasing GMS facts and some of our clients, the game serves as a practical application of the GMS philosophy. We believe it reinforces our belief that interactive entertainment can enhance the delivery of any subject matter. Ultimately, we are certain that the experience we've created begs the question 'I wonder what GMS can do for my brand?' "


Game Marketing Solutions (GMS) is a provider of online, interactive engagement solutions. Founded on 15 years of internet and game industry experience, GMS launched in 2002 and has since applied its marketing tactics and strategies to many of the world's most recognizable brands.


Carlos Pomares, VP, GMS (Game Marketing Solutions)

201-683-9995 office, 973-670-0691 cell, carlos@e-gms.com, www.e-gms.com


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