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LEGO Universe

Logo officially unfurled.

Before the official LEGO Universe logo was revealed on the game’s website, The LEGO Group’s design team faced several challenges in creating an emblem for the upcoming MMOG: How do you symbolize an online world so huge with one little logo and still incorporate The LEGO Group’s stunningly high quality standards?

First, the logo had to reflect the excellence of a LEGO product. Second, since the continuous creation of LEGO Universe is in the players’ hands, the design team wanted input from the game’s fans. That input came in the form of hundreds of submissions to the LEGOUniverse.com image gallery. Finally, the visionary LEGO Universe design team utilized its full arsenal of graphic expertise to symbolize the massive new virtual world. The designers overcame the challenges and created an innovative icon for the revolutionary game.

The LEGO Universe logo incorporates The LEGO Group’s longstanding company logo with the hand of a LEGO minifigure. Minifigs are the game’s central characters, and the yellow curve of their hands makes a stunning “U” for the word Universe. The designers built the logo in 3D to boast maximum potential for cinematic storytelling. Soon LEGO Universe animators will be taking the logo one step further by bringing it to life, just as the game will merge the physical LEGO bricks with a virtual play experience.

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