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Legend of Mir 3

An introduction to the game.

'Legend of Mir' Series. 'Legend of Mir 2' started from 2001 has been popular in China and Korea, so after 2 year of developing, 'Legend of Mir 3' were released. 'Legend of Mir 3' has been loved by its users for strong balance among the classes which is well-matched with the fame of 'Legend of Mir' series and special martial art and its splendid effect based on sharp graphic even though it¡¯s 2D. Also, control system was upgraded, so 'Legend of Mir 3' got more loved by its users.


Adventurers of the Mir continent can take a role as a Warrior, Sorcerer, Taoist, or Assassin. Heavily armed and armored warriors are masters of weaponry and specialize in melee combat. Sorcerers excel in inflicting elemental magic damage from a distance. Although Taoists lack combat strength, they are masters of casting beneficial and enhancement spells and they are also capable of summoning creatures from the netherworld to fight their enemies. Lastly, there are assassins that have mastered the art of stealth and assassination to deal massive damage to their foes. Legend of Mir 3 revives these ancient hero classes to allow users to experience the true Eastern fantasy realm and explore Wushu¡¯s world of martial art skills and magic.


Characters can train various offensive or defensive attributes as they level up (this process begins in level 40). For example, players can customize their warrior to specialize in inflicting damage by increasing their attack power attribute, or specialize in defensive skills by increasing their armor class attributes. In addition, the amount of damage a character receives or inflicts is determined by seven elemental attributes (fire, ice, thunder, wind, holy, shadow, and illusion). Elemental attributes can be gained from items and you can also train them as explained earlier.


The Mir universe was fully redesigned to implement the new quest system. Players will learn about the Mir continent and advance the story line as they engage in a wide range of quests. Main quests unfold the story line of Legend of Mir 3 that often involves complicated tasks, while daily quests require just simple tasks such as running errands. RIES (Real-time Interactive Event System) based quests, on the other hand, occur as the game story line advances. As players get involved in these exciting and challenging quests, they will find themselves being true heroes in the Mir universe.

Siege Warfare

Sabuk Keep and Desert Mud Fortress are the hubs of the Mir continents. It is a great honor for a guild to successfully conquer these magnificent fortresses but they also bear the responsibility of keeping its citizens from harm. However guilds can collect taxes from them in return. Once a guild conquers one of these fortresses, they will have to defend them from other guilds. As guilds battle for fame and honor, monsters can also bring their invasion army, which will lead to a three-sided battle. Players will experience large scale siege warfare that involves powerful siege weapons.

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