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Legend: Legacy of the Dragons

New creatures and locations thrown into the latest update.

Hamburg, Germany -- June 3, 2009 -- Astrum Online Entertainment GmbH ( www.astrumonline.de) is proud to announce a major update to "Legend: Legacy of the Dragons" ( www.warofdragons.com), its free-to-play Web-based MMORPG. The company has resumed operations in-house and made the world of Faeo even more visually stunning.

A new age dawns in "Legend: Legacy of the Dragons", as a major update has taken the award-winning browser-based fantasy project to the next level. New creatures, NPCs, locations and quests guarantee hours of online fantasy entertainment.

Over 17 million players worldwide are enjoying online games from Astrum, with four million of them seeking adventures in the vast and dangerous world of Faeo, where the Magmars and Humans are waging an eternal war for dominance.

Which side are you on?

For those among you who have been waiting for an incentive to join the ranks of the fierce Magmars on the continent of Khair, the lava-blooded followers of the Black Dragon Striagorn are now sporting a new look. You can also join the faction of the noble Human nation of Ogriy and fight alongside the White Dragon Erifarius.

Every player is able to create a character with which he can identify, as the characters are fully customizable, including hair style, skin color, gender and other distinguishable features. The update also presents an opportunity to change a character's appearance by visiting the Barbershop, which will come in handy for veterans searching for a fresh look.

New content

The world of Faeo is constantly growing. Exploring Faeo and interacting with the multitude of lifelike NPCs living there is now even more captivating: several newcomers have joined Faeo's 180 residents, bringing with them 60 new quests. This allows players to challenge one another or one of the 150 bloodthirsty monsters inhabiting 230 locations -- of which 50 are new.


Combat in Faeo is dynamic and fully animated. Every motion is smooth and the results of each action are immediately visible. Warriors may summon a staunch mount, a Tiger or a Battle Zorb and attack an enemy while astride one of these battle-tried allies. In addition, players can collect 1,000 new items and use them in battle, including mighty swords, beautifully crafted armor, powerful potions, magic scrolls and many other needful things.

Premium Features

"Legend: Legacy of the Dragons" is 100 percent free-to play for life. Players can earn game currency by killing monsters, completing quests, trading and doing hundreds of other things. Or, to save time, they can access the Premium Features and purchase additional game currency. An array of payment methods is available at payMMO.com (en.paymmo.com) and will be expanded in the near future.

Always up to date

The world of Faeo is constantly shifting; events and epic battles are planned and carried out on an almost daily basis. Just subscribe to our RSS news feed to stay informed of the latest events in and around Faeo -- no matter where you are or what you're doing.

More information, screenshots and video

Visit www.warofdragons.com/adv.php for more information or view an HD game trailer featuring "Legend: Legacy of the Dragons" on YouTube ( www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCn4Z-2YfOE). Screenshots are available for download at www.warofdragons.com/pr/www-warofdragons-com-090603.zip.

Press contact

Ekaterina Cherkasova

Astrum Online Entertainment press office

Phone: +7 495 952 4482 or +7 495 952 0765

E-mail: press@astrumonline.ru

About Astrum Online Entertainment

Astrum Online Entertainment ( www.astrumonline.ru) is the largest player in the Russian market of interactive online entertainment. The corporation is composed of five individual companies: Nival Online ( www.nivalonline.com/eng), Nikita.Online ( www.nikitaonline.ru/en), IT Territory (it-territory.ru/eng), TimeZero (en.timezero.com) and DJ Games. These companies have launched more than 30 MMO games, including hits like "The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar" ( www.lotro-russia.com), "Legend: Legacy of the Dragons" ( www.warofdragons.com), "Territory" (territory.ru), "TimeZero" ( www.timezero.ru), "Sphere" (sphere.nikitaonline.ru), "Piratia" ( www.piratia.ru) and "Perfect World" ( www.pwonline.ru). Over 17 million players are currently participating in the games Astrum Online Entertainment has released. Astrum Online Entertainment plans to launch ten new MMO games of different genres developed in-house and six localized gaming projects of foreign partners during 2009. For more information, visit www.astrumonline.ru/eng.

About IT Territory

IT Territory (it-territory.ru), a developer and publisher of online games, is a part of Russia's largest game holding company, Astrum Online Entertainment ( www.astrumonline.ru). IT Territory is the number one company in the online sector of Russia's game market. The company has launched 14 browser-based online games. The total number of players registered in all the games IT Territory operates is close to eight million. "Legend: Legacy of the Dragons" (w2.dwar.ru), the most popular game IT Territory has launched, is currently available in Russia, Germany ( www.warofdragons.de), Turkey ( www.dwar.gen.tr), China (w1.lz.woniu.com) and the rest of the world ( www.warofdragons.com).

About Astrum Online Entertainment GmbH

Astrum Online Entertainment GmbH was founded in 2008. A wholly affiliated company of the Astrum Online Entertainment holding group, its headquarters are located in Hamburg, Germany. The company launched localized versions of the MMORPGs "Legend: Legacy of the Dragons" ( www.warofdragons.de) and "TimeZero" ( www.timezero.de) in 2008. Turkish localization of the MMORPG, "Legend: Legacy of the Dragons" ( www.dwar.gen.tr), had its start in early 2009 along with "Berserk-Online" ( www.berserk-online.com), the online games portal Astrumo.de ( www.astrumo.de) and the worldwide version of "Legend: Legacy of the Drago


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