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Left 4 Dead 2 edited to obtain 15 rating in Australia

Board satisfied game is suitable for release after excess gore is removed

Left 4 Dead 2 has been awarded a 15+ rating by Australia's classification board after Valve removed the violent content that led to the game being refused certification last month.

The modified version of the game no longer contains "depictions of decapitation, dismemberment, wound detail or piles of dead bodies lying about the environment," notes the Office of Film and Literature Classification's report, which was published by news.com.au.

"No wound detail is shown and the implicitly dead bodies and blood splatter disappear as they touch the ground."

The game in its full form was denied classification last month, on the grounds it contained violence "high in impact and therefore unsuitable for persons aged under 18 to play."

In Australia, the lack of an adult rating for videogames means that games must comply with MA15+ criteria in order to be released.

While Valve submitted an edited form of the game for rating however, it has also appealed the original decision made by the OFLC and a verdict is expected to be reached on October 22.

Gabe Newell of Valve has said the edited version is just a back-up plan in case the appeal fails or takes longer than expected, which would delay its planned November release, reports Kotaku.

He added that if the edited game has to be released, then it would receive an update sometime in the future.

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