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“Nightwatch” or “X-Files: Series 3” DVDs FREE with every pre-order of Pathologic (UK Customers only )*

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LONDON, UK (20th March 2006) - GMX Media are today announcing a terrifyingly good promotion for the release of their new horror adventure game - Pathologic. Customers who pre-order the game at any retail outlet will be able to claim either "Nightwatch" or "The X-Files: Series 3" DVD sets absolutely free! Pathologic is set for release in April 2006.


For as long as humanity has existed, there have been 'Others' among us: Witches, Vampires and Shape-Shifters who are soldiers in the eternal war between Light and Dark. Light Others protect mankind from Dark Others, who plague and torture humans. For over 1000 years a truce has existed, upheld by underground forces: the soldiers of the Light (NightWatch) and the soldiers of the Dark (DayWatch). Ancient prophecy foretells that one day the Great One will arrive and end the threat of an apocalyptic battle between Light and Dark Others. That day has come, and somewhere in Moscow a Nightwatch team race to find and protect the Great One from the DayWatch vampires who seek to plunge the world into darkness. Whoever reaches the Great One first will hold the balance of power in their hands and control the fate of humanity.

The X-FILES : SERIES 3 ( M-Lock )

As the third season begins, Mulder is missing and assumed to have died in the New Mexico desert. When the agents are reunited they are forced to run from forces within the government who wish to silence them permanently and who may also be responsible for deaths in both their families. The conspiracies only deepen as the agents encounter a group of women who claim to have been abducted, an alien with miraculous healing powers and Alex Krycek.


Pathologic is a horror adventure game for PC CD-ROM and will be released in the UK in March 2006. The game has been licensed from BUKA Entertainment and developed by Ice-pick Lodge. GMX Media will be publishing and distributing the title in the UK. Pathologic is a unique type of adventure game designed to affect the emotional and psychological state of the player in a way that no other PC game has achieved.

The story begins in a place called the Ancient Steppewhen a strange town appears from nowhere. Seeming to be a small drover settlement, the mysterious, isolated establishment has managed to survive for several generations. It could have continued to grow, were it not for a sudden outbreak of some kind of lethal disease, which begins to mercilessly slaughter the denizens inhabiting the area. Even science has proven helpless in finding a cure, or at least providing some explanation.

Three outsiders arrive at the contaminated town. The first is a highly-educated Bachelor with a ruthless manner of investigation, assigned by the provincial authorities. The second is a far-sighted Ripper with a reputation as an ingenious surgeon, in search of his father's terrible heritage. The last character is an eccentric girl, possessing mystic healing abilities, that could become the town's heavenly salvation were it not for fresh memory of the horrors of her recent past...

Each of them must survive in this hell and play a vital role in the fate of the town... one of them could be you.

The atmosphere of the game reproduces the tense feeling of danger at every turn. You'll witness dreadful images of city in agony, incessant death of the infected and the dramatic tragedies of the doomed people.

Key features:

  • A combination of first-person & role-playing game with non-linear plot and real time flow gameplay.
  • The town has a life of its own; it constantly changes and reacts to the player's behaviour and circumstances.
  • Well-balanced proportion of random factors and pre-arranged event.
  • Original enemy concept - omnipresent, omniscient, invisible infection.
  • 3 unique campaigns, several endings.
  • Original graphic concept and photorealistic portraits of NPCs.
  • A complicated system of context-sensitive music arrangement. Artistic sound direction.
  • A large variety of individual survival and resource-hunting strategies under the resource hunger conditions.
  • 3 heroes act independently: when one is chosen to play, the two rejected heroes act on their own, plotting against the player.
  • Facial animation of the in-game characters powered by LifeStudio:HEAD technology by LifeMode Interactive, Corp.;

Find out more about Pathologic at www.pathologic-game.com

Find out how to claim you free copy of Nightwatch or X-Files Series 3 at www.gmxmedia.net/pathologic/preorder/

*This offer is only available to UK customers and is limited to one per person whilst stocks last.

For further information about GMX game titles, contact Andrew Muir at andrew@gmxmedia.net or on +44 (0) 783 474 1012.

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