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LBP creators working hard to limit offensive content

In addition to simple grief reporting of offensive or copyrighted material, Media Molecule's Smith says the game will feature Trophies, VOIP and PS3 Eye support

With stories of gamers using the recently-released Spore Creature Creator to create adult-rated material, LittleBigPlanet's David Smith says that they've spent a lot of time working out how to avoid such problems.

"In a game like LBP, there's obviously many ways that you could make objectionable content or annoy other players," Smith said in a livetext interview on our sister site, Eurogamer.net.

"So to combat this, we've made it really simple to grief report any item/level/player just by hitting a button at any time and following a simple series of operations."

The use of copyrighted material will work in much the same way.

"If you share content that contains copyright material, then it will be subject to the same grief reporting procedure that we have for other naughty content," Smith said.

Now that trophies have been added to the PS3 with the recent firmware update, users can expect to see them in LittleBigPlanet as well. Smith said that the team has been having a lot of fun working out what trophies most fit the game, with the goal of having them reflect the game's "Play, Create, Share" catchphrase.

The game will feature VOIP - something that's really useful when you're making a level with a friend who happens to be in a different country.

"There's some more cool stuff about this that I'm not going to go into right now," Smith said when asked about PS3 Eye support.

"We are using the camera for some of the creative features of the game. It's a pretty powerful way of getting new content into the LBP world."

Although he didn't specifically confirm it, Smith also hinted at YouTube video support.

The complete livetext interview with Media Molecule co-founder and technical director David Smith can be viewed at Eurogamer.net.


Mark Androvich