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«Parkan II» in digital distribution!

11.05.07. Moscow. NIKITA.ONLINE is glad to announce the new ability for all the fans of «Parkan II» universe. The game appeared in digital distribution today.

Today «Parkan II», which had been released only through retail distribution, opened its' space to all the internet users. This is the first time when the award winning title is available to download on any computer all over the world and the new ability to try the great adventures of «Parkan» space cruiser pilot.

«Parkan II» is a unique game, which includes several game genres - from space simulator to FPS with real-time strategy and RPG elements. Even before the official release the game was awarded by leading Russian game magazines, and became "The Best PC Game" on Russian Game Developers Conference (KRI). The launch of «Parkan II» in Russia and on GAS territories was made by the leading European publishers - 1С Company and Frogster Interactive.

«Parkan II» is open for download on the game digital distribution portal GAMERSGATE

( http://www.gamersgate.com). The distribution net will be extended with the other game resources in the nearest time.

NIKITA.ONLINE - the leading provider of computer games and online services and Russia's first game company. The company was founded as an independent business, earlier belonging to NIKITA (established in 1991). Our sphere of activity unites development, launch and support of online games and services, and PC games creation.

As of now, the company has developed over 100 games of various genres and localized over 50 foreign projects for the Russian market. NIKITA.ONLINE aims at development and services based on state-of-the-art technology and platforms, including launch, exploitation and support of online projects.

1С Company

Founded in 1991 "1C" specializes in development, publishing, support, and distribution of software and data bases. 500 employees' staff makes more than $180,000 per person per year sales. 1C Company is the leading company publishing and distributing computer games in Russia, CIS and Baltic states.

1C Company is widely known as a game publisher and has an extensive portfolio of successful titles, including 1C:Gamos. Pilots Brothers based on a popular cartoon series, Hard Truck 1-2 by SoftLab-Nsk, Rage of Mages 1-2, Evil Islands, Etherlords, Blitzkrieg and Silent Storm by Nival Interactive, Sea Dogs, Age of Sale 2 and Pirates of the Caribbean by Akella, Spanking Runners and Perimeter by K-D LAB, R.C. Cars by Creat Studio, Soldiers: Heroes of World War II by Best Way and many others.

Since autumn 1998 we have released a strong line of localized products in Russia acting as a copublisher and distributor of our long-term strategic partners Snowball Interactive, Nival Interactive (since autumn 1999) and Logrus (since 2000). 1C's line-up of localized products contains more than 300 titles. Our 1C:Game Collection includes games by Activision, Atari, Bethesda, Codemasters, SCI, Interplay, Microids, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Virgin and Vivendi Universal Games. Our 1C:Snowball line-up includes titles by Zuxxez Interactive, Iridon Interactive, JoWooD, PAN Interactive, Novalogic, Octagon, Paradox Entertainment, Egmont Interactive, Brightstar Entertainment and other international publishers.

1C:Nival brand includes games by Cryo Interactive, Empire Interactive, Ubisoft Entertainment, Wanadoo, Fishtank and other companies. 1C:Logrus line-up includes games by Take 2 Interactive, Blue Byte Software, and Ubisoft.

1C Company is widely acknowledged as a game developer and has several internal studios. In-house developments of 1C include IL-2 Sturmovik, IL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles (best selling combat flight simulation series with over 35 awards by various magazines), Aces Expansion Pack and Pacific Fighters.

1C Company works as a publisher and producer with over 20 leading Russian independent development studios such as Action Forms, Akella, Avalon, Best Way, Creat Studio. Eagle Dynamics, Elemental Games, Gamos, K-D LAB, Nikita, Nival Interactive, Saturn-Plus, Sky River Studio, Sky Fallen, SoftLab-Nsk, X-bow Software, etc. and has produced over 50 projects for PC and consoles.

1C is funding development and producing over 50 titles for PC and consoles, including such projects as Rig'n'Roll by SoftLab-NSK, Outfront 2 by Best Way, Axle Rage, PT Boats and Captain Blood by Akella, Borderzone by Saturn Plus, Vivisector by Action Forms, Blood Magic by SkyFallen Entertainment and many others.


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