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Land of Chaos Online

New info on game's "smallest yet quite powerful" hero, Merino the Goldenbell.

MUNICH - July 15, 2010

burda:ic, a leading publisher of online games worldwide, today revealed screenshots and new information about LOCO - Land of Chaos Online’s smallest yet quite powerful hero, Merino the Goldenbell. During the Closed Beta Test, Merino was the character most favored by those who chose a spellcasting class.

Don’t let his sheepish look fool you; this wizard of tiny stature is not to be taken lightly. With damaging AOE spells and humorous-yet-effective debuffs, Merino can play rough with the best of them. As he is the master of hypnotism, the mind-boggling combination of his ultimate skill “Golden Bell” with “Sympathy for Sheep” will render groups of enemies defenseless while his allies go in and pick off the little lambs like a pack of wolves. Skillful players can combine many different spells in a similar manner to baffle adversaries in the Land of Chaos.

Merino, as well as the rest of LOCO’s heroes, will be available to wreak havoc in the Land of Chaos when the Open Beta launches. It is currently slated to begin during the first half of August.

To learn more about the varied abilities of LOCO’s heroes, check out the Spellbook of Laair Hathy at http://loco.en.alaplaya.net/pages/loco_book_spell

For more information about Land of Chaos Online, head to http://www.loco.alaplaya.net

About LOCO - Land of Chaos Online

Developed by Danal Entertainment, Land of Chaos Online is a truly next-gen multiplayer online game that features high-end graphics, a roster of 30 playable characters with unique skills and personalities, and hectic online combat. LOCO’s unique combination of RTS, Action, and RPG elements is guaranteed to give players around the world a gaming experience unlike anything they’ve ever seen.

About burda:ic & alaplaya

burda:ic GmbH is a leading free-to-play PC online games publisher headquartered in Munich, Germany. burda:ic markets and distributes massively multiplayer online games (MMOG) such as Avalon Heroes, S4League, and Florensia. Its innovative alaplaya Gaming platform has continued to grow rapidly since its launch in summer 2007, with an expected 10 million registered users by end of 2010. More information about burda:ic is available at www.burda-ic.com. ;


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