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MMOG formerly known as Savage Eden (or BiosFear in Europe) to be resurrected by Netherlands-based NetGamesArena.


NetGamesArena, publisher of high-quality online games, today announced that it will be reviving the classic massively multiplayer online game Laghaim. Previously published under the name Savage Eden in the United States, and BiosFear in Europe, the game will be re-released later this year as a free-to-play title, with the Closed Beta set to launch as early as this October.


"We are extremely pleased to be bringing back this hugely popular title for European and US audiences" said Howard Lee, CEO of NetGames Arena. "Even in todays market we believe it has huge potential, with a fan-base that is as loyal and committed as any you will find."


Laghaim is set in the year 2357 in a world marred by conflict, with four divided races maintaining a temporary alliance to fight against the powerful alien race the Progmare. The game features a unique set of features, with full 3D graphics, stunning special effects and a massive futuristic world. Players will gain access to a huge amount of epic content without having to pay a single cent, with:


    *  Four selectable races to choose from, each with their own skills and talent trees.

    * The ability to grow and nurture special monster pets.

    * Fluid and seamless game play.

    * A "living" world, with night and day cycles and weather effects that directly impact on a player's performance.

    * Massive PvP battles with guild and siege warfare. Build towers, deploy guards and fight to the death for control of the Castle.


NetGamesArena are now accepting Closed Beta Applications and those interested should apply by visiting the game's official website at http://laghaim.mmozart.com. Applications will close in the coming days, with the Closed Beta set to launch in October.


About Laghaim


Laghaim is a classic free-to-play massively multiplayer online game (MMORPG), previously published as Savage Eden in the United States and BiosFear in Europe. Offering something unique and different for gamers to enjoy, the game features all you would expect from a top MMO including full 3D graphics, stunning special effects and seamless game play. Players choose from four distinct races, each with their own storyline, talent trees and skills and enter into a battle for control over the utopian planet of Laghaim. Characters are fully customisable and specialization is possible even among members of the same race through the distribution of stat points and the development of a player's pet and equipment. While the four races are vehemently opposed to one another, a temporary alliance has been created to battle the evil alien force the Progmare. It opens the door to cooperation across racial boundaries in countless quests, dungeons and hunting fields. Yet war is never far away  and each week massive battles take place between the opposing races and guilds for the strategically important siege castles. For more information visit http://laghaim.mmozart.com .


About NetGamesArena


NetGamesArena is a publisher and operator of high-quality free-to-play online games. Established in Den Haag, The Netherlands in 2010 the company is backed by some of the most experienced and successful individuals in the gaming industry, including Ian Livingstone OBE. NetGamesArena's goal is to create the destination of choice for online gamers, offering an online portal (mmozart.com) where players can enjoy exciting games and share their experiences. For more information visit http://www.netgamesarena.com .


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