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Kung Foo!

"Fun MMO" (we hate the other sort) featuring beautiful princesses, fluffy bunnies and, of course, fighting.


Foo is the ultimate martial arts mash-up mastered by sand ninjas worldwide. Start your journey toward mastery in Panda Province, where you'll unite troubled realms, save a beautiful princess and escort fluffy bunnies to the great beyond. Whether you're tanking, healing, casting, or stabbing, Foo is free and there's enough for everyone.

Kung Foo! is a fun MMO that parodies everything from Kung-Fu movies to game shows. Embrace the foo in you. Only at PerfectWorld.com.


o Special Guest Writer – highly acclaimed comic book writer, Devin Grayson, crafts the world of Kung Foo!, filling it with loot, laughter, and loquacious NPCs

o Martial Art Disciplines – 7 available to master at launch; including ‘Grasshopper’, ‘Sharpy’, ‘Mager’, ‘Tank’, ‘Slasher’, ‘Medico’ and ‘Augurer’

o Themed Zones – 6 available to explore at launch; including Panda Province, Snaf Foo, Fuzzy Forest, Zui Quan Village, Realm of Darkness and Enchanted Glade

o Hilarious Quests – Hundreds of quests to choose from to help channel your inner foo

o Character Customization/Mounts – Mix and match your character; be a street punk, cowboy or a bit of both… while riding a crab mount with boxing gloves

o Crafting – For those few killer items that don't fall from the sky

o PvP – For those who don’t play nicely with others

o Pets – Never fight alone in the dark again

o Transformations – Become a fierce, fiery dragon or a steaming pile of poop

o Dungeons – featuring hundreds of terrifying and despicably adorable mobs to slay


o 27% More Rewarding Rewards

o Vitamin Fortified Play with Essential Quests

o Needy and Ungrateful NPCs by the truck load

o 100% Rat Reduction in Lowbie Zones!

Unleash the Foo in you!



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