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Konami signs mobile manga deal with Tokyopop

East Coast Rising scheduled for autumn release

Konami Digital Entertainment has announced the signing of a new partnership with US manga specialists Tokyopop, planning to launch a series of new mobile games beginning with East Coast Rising this autumn.

The mobile adaptation of East Coast Rising will enable players to sail the perilous high seas in search of adventure, battling a horde of villainous pirates from ships made famous in the acclaimed manga universe such as the Hoboken and the Creeping Death.

Joe Morris, Konami Digital Entertainment's VP mobile content, commented: "Transforming a hot manga property like East Coast Rising into a mobile game demonstrates the kind of synergy that's now possible between traditional forms of entertainment and mobile content."

"As the leaders of the global manga revolution, Tokyopop reaches a teen audience that wants cool stuff to play on their cell phones."

Players can visit the various flooded and destroyed denizens of the East Coast cities, engaging in furious battle on every voyage to earn gold for repairs, supplies and crew maintenance. The game will feature multiple difficulty settings and Konami has promised additional downloadable content once the main game has been mastered.

"We are very excited to be partnering with Konami to move Tokyopop's creative juice into the white-hot area of mobile gaming," added Stu Levy, Tokyopop CEO.

"Our two brands both stand for an East-meets-West aesthetic that really speaks out to fans worldwide, so working together is a natural fit that will truly push the envelope."

East Coast Rising is scheduled for an autumn release, and further titles to be developed under the terms of the partnership are expected to be announced shortly.

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